21 March 2016

REP Holding has Held Acceptance Tests of the Compressor Equipment for the Zapolyarny (Polar) Oil/Gas-Condensate Field (NGKM)

REP Holding has successfully held on its production site  - Nevskiy Zavod -  acceptance tests of the prototype model of centrifugal compressor 425/76 with replaceable flow passage СПЧ-425-16/65-1,7СМП.

The complete set of compressor equipment has been manufactured under the contract with JSC "ODK- Gas Turbines" within the framework of the project for development of the Polar Oil/Gas-Condensate Field. The tests have confirmed the conformity of the centrifugal compressor characteristics to the technical requirements both for the nominal conditions and for the second warranted performance mode.

The Commission composed of representatives of OOO “Gazprom VNIIGAZ” and OOO “Gazprom dobycha Yamburg", based on the test results, has  confirmed readiness of the  prototype for shipment to the customer for acceptance tests on site.

The advantage of the manufactured equipment is employment in its design of a replaceable flow passage, dry gas dynamic seals and magnetic bearing of the rotor which completely exclude mechanical friction while the rotor is rotating and, consequently, significantly improve the reliability of the unit. In addition, the use of these systems eliminates the need to supply  lube oil to the compressor.

Another five sets of such equipment are planned to be manufactured  and tested by  the end of May under the contract, The units will operate as part of GPA-16 at the first booster compressor station of 3S gas treatment station of the Polar NGKM  with the aim  to increase the pressure of natural gas for its supply  to the next stage of compression.
Zapolyarny (Polar) NGKM  - Oil/Gas-Condensate Field -  was discovered in 1965. The license for the development of the field belongs to PAO “Gazprom” subsidiary – OOO “Gazprom dobycha Yamburg". The annual gas output is about 105 billion m3. The deposit is located on the territory of the Tazovsky region, Yamalo-Nenets autonomous district, 80 km east of the Urengoyskoye field. It is space effective, while the overall gas reserves amount to more than 3.5 trillion m3. Based on this index the Polar NGKM  is the fifth in the international top list of gas fields.

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