«REP Holding» Specialist Became a Winner of the Expert of the Year Prize in the Engineering and Power Generating Industries

Three representatives of REP Holding company, who made remarkable accomplishments and contribution in the development of new projects during their professional activity in 2015, were nominated to get the prize in engineering industry. Namely, they were the Chief Designer of Centrifugal Compressor Department, Yun Vladimir, Deputy Head of Compressor Engineering Department, Polyakov Aleksander, and the leading designer of Test Bench Department, Maslova Yulia.

“We appreciate the companies of such level taking part in our contest and are opened to receive the impartial expert judgement. Candor and publicity are important hallmark of company stability and management confidence in the choice of development strategy. Once again we give thanks to REP Holding Company for taking part in the Expert of the Year 2015 Prize Ceremony”, the Director of “Expert North-West” publication, Bogomyagkova Marina, highlighted in her speech.

The Expert Board decided that the winner in the category “Expert in the Engineering and Power Generating Industries” should become Aleksander Polyakov, the Deputy Head of Compressor Engineering Department of JSC “REP Holding”.

Aleksander Polyakov has been working in REP Holding designing team for few years. He designs the hi-tech compressor equipment that is used for modernization of the Russian gas transfer system, on the reconstructed and newly-built sites. In 2015 Aleksander took part in few important projects dedicated to designing of the new centrifugal compressors with the enhanced efficiency and improved environmental characteristics.

Now he controls the project progress related to design and package-supply of modern compressors with magnetic bearing and the dry gas seals for the site of “Gazprom dobycha Yamburg”, the oil, gas and condensate field “Zapolyarnoye”.

“For me, winning th prize in this category and getting such honorable title was fully unexpected. I am grateful for such high assessment of my activity and of my workshop colleagues activity, and want to give thanks to the Expert Board for the credit they gave me. I consider my victory as an advance for future reference, as a stimulus to develop myself and to develop the new hi-tech directions within our company, for our customers and for the industry, in total. I truly believe that our projects related to the compressor engineering will significantly contribute to development of the global competitive Russian products”, Aleksander Polyakov shared after ceremony.

The Expert of the Year is an annual prize of the magazine “Expert North-West” which is mainly focused on attraction of attention of the people who significantly influence the development of their professional sectors, and on discovering new names in various social spheres, and on contribution to their professional success. This event has been held since 2012 and is important event in Saint-Petersburg business life.

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