9 February 2016

On “Nevskiy Zavod” the critical design reviews were performed by the participants of the program “Manufacturing management”

On “Nevskiy Zavod” (the manufacturing site of “REP Holding”) the training of the second stream of mid-level executives and leading specialists on the directions within the frames of program “Manufacturing management” was completed. During two months the listeners of the course are got acquainted with the modern concept of manufacturing management and experience of their implementation, discussed the variants of the most efficiency cooperation between the structural departments of the enterprise during the product creation, improved the manufacturing planning and personnel management skills.      

The practical part of the training was held on the conditions of the work team on the projects, this work was consisted of: the problem statements, finding out the “narrow” places in the working process, their analysis and searching of effective solutions. On the final conference the participants of the program presented 7 projects, which were aimed to improve the business-process on “Nevskiy Zavod”. In these projects the specified steps for optimization of warehouse logistics, improving of new kinds gas-turbine equipment manufacturing process, and also the measures for realization of technological process and manufacturing preparation were developed.      The suggested changes will be promoted for more active development of lean production approach, to cut off time and financial expenses during the production of high technology products.  

Two projects – “The improving of tools rotation system in the Company” (the author – K. Bastrikin) and “The increasing of efficiency of technological equipment operation” (the group of authors A.Bojtsov, K.Grigorov, M.Stashchenko, A.Chuchva), got the highest marks by the committee from the point of view of their prospectivity and already submitted to Direction of Development of Close Co. “NZL” for implementation into working process with usage of the tools of the “Lean Production”.  

“It was very interesting to work with the project participants.  And it doesn’t depend on that; they have got the professional knowledge. The main is that, they are interested in development and increasing of their competence up to modern international level of the manufacturing management. It is also remarkable, that the separate developed projects will be realized in practical activity of course listeners. This is the wealthiest result of training”, - said Oleg Mokhryakov, the director of the industrial management service “Vera”, who provided the training.

“It is very important for us that after the stage of critical design reviews, which were developed within the frames of the training course, follow the stage of their actual implementation into manufacturing. People, who funneled all their intellectual and physical energies into development of the projects, should see the results of their work and understand that this work was done not for nothing. It arises the motivation and engagement into the further development of the enterprise not only the participants of the training, but also their colleagues. It was important, that the work on the projects held in groups, which consisted of employees of different departments, which allowed expanding the interfunctional links.  The development of    the business team and simultaneously appearance of competitive passion promote the growth of general positive thinking of the staff and allow to shoot for the stars”, –  mentioned the  personnel director of “REP Holding” Natal’ya Moskaleva.

The course “Manufacturing management” was held within the frames of the second stage of the ahead training, which is realized according the program “The promotion of people employment in Saint-Petersburg” for 2015-2020 years, which was organized by state independent constitution “People employment agency in Saint-Petersburg”. “Nevskiy Zavod” takes part in this program, as the enterprise, which actively develops projects for imports phase-out and has the success experience of localization of advanced technologies for power equipment of new generation manufacturing. During 2015 at “Nevskiy Zavod” within the frames of the ahead training 126 chiefs, specialists and workers improved their qualifications on the key directions of the activity and got the second profession. All expenses for training, which were more than 1 million of rubles, were paid by People employment agency in Saint-Petersburg within the frames of the realization of this special-purpose program.

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