3 February 2016

JSC “Plant Electropult” became the site for specialists’ qualification upgrading and practice for students’

On JSC “Plant Electropult” (the manufacturing sit of “REP Holding”) the series of training measures were arrange, which were directed for specialists’ qualification upgrading and forming of students’ practical skills.  

Within the frame of training course “Methods and means of improvement of operation stability of power-generating equipment” the enterprise was visited by the listeners of Saint-Petersburg power engineering institute of qualification upgrading (St-PPEIQU).

The participants of the training - are the specialists of departments/services of electro technical equipment operation on the industrial enterprises from different regions of Russia – are got acquainted with the complete cycle of manufacturing of electro technical products: from the cell of blanks preparing to the cell of packing of the final products. The big interest was shown to the newest developments of the plant: the low voltage electrical switchboard “Sphere-N” and upgraded switchgear cubicles – 10kV with the advanced impact-proved features.

This visit was held within the frame of realization of partnership program of “Plant Electropult” and  Saint-Petersburg power engineering institute of qualification upgrading, this program started at the end of the last year. The cooperation bear the mutually profitable character: the institute gets the possibility to show the students the modern electro technical manufacturing, the plant expands the links with the operation services of electro technical equipment, which is used on the Custormers’ enterprises.

The second educational event was the field experience of students of Saint-Petersburg SBEI MPE “Petrovskiy Colleage”. During one month the students under the control of experienced masters worked on the cell of bundles, which are as the set of the items are further supplied to NPP, oil and gas industry objects. The organization of the field experience of students got the high rating of the curator of the educational project: students got the recognizing about technologies and functions of the modern manufacturing, and also the real practical skills.  

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