29 December 2015

“REPH” awarded on the appreciation of the contribution economics progress of Saint-Petersburg

“REPH” awarded on the appreciation of the contribution economics progress and active participation in organization activity from Saint-Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In 2015 Holding afforced from its’ own  behalf the reputation of the leading Russian equipment manufacturing for oil and gas branches and power engineering, which is successfully realized projects on the phase-out-of imports area and localization of innovation technology. The experience of company in this direction during one was numerously presented on the business and exhibition events.

One of the last event for phase-out-of imports topic, where the experts of “REP Holding” took part was the meeting in Federal state unitary enterprise “Krylov State Research Centre” under the leading by the first Deputy Minister of Industry and trade of RF Gleb NIkitin. During the meeting the questions for program preparation for the phase-out-of imports technologies and equipment for project were discussed, these projects are realized on the continental shelves.  

The Chief Designer of turbines and turbounits of “REP holding” presented the gas-turbine and compressor equipment, which can be successfully applied in marine conditions – on the drilling platforms and other industrial objects of shelf zone. The design-and-engineering base of Holding gives the possibility for new high-efficiency developments, which are performed according the technical task of minerals developer enterprises.

And also, in December “REP Holding” took part in summary event of   phase-out-of imports Center and localization in Saint-Petersburg to sum up the progress of 2015, which was attended by Governor Mr. Georgiy Poltabchenko. The presentation of new line of gas-turbine equipment by “REP Holding” manufacturing became the part of the PJSC “GAZPROM” exposition. Holding was represented as the unique manufacturer in Russia of heavy duty gas turbine of new generation with the power 16-25 MW and also as the responsible supplier of high-technology equipment for strategy modernization program on the power and oil&gas branches.    

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