18 January 2016

REP Holding will Supply Modern Electrical Equipment for the “Bovanenkovo-Ukhta” Gas Transmission Network Facilities

REP Holding has signed a contract for manufacture and delivery of 18 complete transformer substations rated at 400 to 1250 kVA for the facilities of  CJSC “Yamalgazinvest”, a subsidiary of PAO  «Gazprom», acting as the customer for the  new construction and reconstruction of the gas transmission systems in the northern region of Russia.

The up-to-date electrical equipment will be manufactured  at the production site of REP Holding - plant "Electropult".   To fulfil this order the company will implement the complete production cycle - from engineering to manufacture of the  equipment.  Substations are made modular- containerized and are  equipped with the systems for heating, ventilation, lighting, can be operated outdoors at a temperature ranging from -60 to +40°C.

A design advantage of these transformer substations is its control panel, completely in Russian,  with a touch screen, allowing real-time status tracking and control of the main  units and hardware of the substation. Its software has been developed at  REP Holding enterprises. Another feature of these substations is the design of  electric equipment cabinets with unified drawout modules. The products are standardized and interchangeable, which is an advantage for prompt service of the equipment

The transformer substations  designed for receiving, transformation and distribution of electric power, will be installed at the compressor stations of the second line of the “Bovanenkovo-Ukhta" Gas Transmission Network :  Syninskaya,  Maloperanskaya, Vorkutinskaya and Chikshinskaya. The  equipment is planned to be commissioned over the next two years.

This is not the first experience as regards the construction project for Bovanenkovo-Ukhta.  During the period from 2013 to 2015 REP Holding supplied  27 "Ladoga" gas-pumping units  rated at  32 MW manufactured by Nevskiy Zavod  to the  compressor stations of this gas trunk line, as well as 25 sets of modular complete transformer substations made at the Plant "Electropult" that are already  successfully operated on site.

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