23 December 2015

Representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Appreciated the Production Experience of REP Holding in Implementation of the Power Equipment Import Substitution Program

On December 17 representatives from the RF Ministry of Industry and Trade headed by Director of the Machine-Tool Manufacture and Investment Machine-Building Department Alexey Mikheyev made an introductory visit  to the  production site of  REP Holding - Nevskiy Zavod.  

The delegation was met by Vice President of Gazprombank, Chairman of the Board of REP Holding Evgenia Nejmerovets, Directors General of  Nevskiy Zavod  and Plant "Electropult” Alexey Popkov and Victor Lesnykh, as well as the Holding top management.

The purpose of the visit was acquaintance with the production capacities of  Nevskiy Zavod, a leading Russian manufacturer of modern equipment for oil, gas and energy industries. Particular attention was paid to implementation of the production localization program for  advanced stationary gas turbines of different ratings, as well as assessment of the current state of manufacturing the latest stationary gas turbine rated at 16 MW.

The representatives of the Ministry were shown the main production lines of the  enterprise - manufacture, assembly and adjustment areas for power and turbo-compressor  new generation equipment, serial production of  gas-pumping  units "Ladoga" rated at  32 MW based on  MS5002E GTU  produced under license from GE Oil & Gas, as well as production areas of the new gas turbine rated at  16 MW.

During the tour, the guests also visited the upgraded metallurgical complex, specially equipped test beds for centrifugal compressors and gas turbines, including a new test bed  for  full-scale tests of the 16 MW gas turbine which will be held in the first quarter of  2016.

The delegation highly appraised  the state of the process lines and production scale, noted the quality of the complete production cycle organization for  modern equipment.  Alexey Mikheev referred to  the experience of REP Holding in implementation of localization and import substitution programs as progressive, having noted that it can be a useful model not only within the borders of the region, but also throughout Russia.

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