2 December 2015

“REP Holding” Made a Next Step in Upgrading the Production Facilities of “Nevskiy Zavod”

“Nevskiy Zavod”, the production site of REP Holding, has started to operate a new 5 Axis Mill-Turn Machine OKUMA Series VTM-YB.

New generation Vertical Multi-tasking Lathe OKUMA installed in the Casing Manufacturing Site is provided for complex machining of the parts made of various materials (aluminium, non-ferrous metals, alloyed steel) with maximum diameter of 2000 mm and maximum height of 1400 mm.

The machine allows to process complex parts by turning, boring, milling, drilling at once. Five-axis machining centers allow to process 5 axes of the component billet and to provide high-quality finishing of the surface.

Key advantages of VTM-YB series OKUMA machines include reduced time of installation of components on the machine and reduced total production cycle time, as well as improved machining accuracy.

New machine significantly extended the capabilities of “Nevskiy Zavod”in manufacturing of turbines’ and compressors’ complex parts. By now machining of potential compressors’ discs with 3D blades has been adopted.  

In the nearest future the tools and machinery production facilities of “Nevskiy Zavod” are planned to be upgraded. This will be realized by installing a hi-tech machine for processing of gas turbine discs and magnetic bearing parts. Presently, modern turning, milling and polishing equipment is used on this site.  

The new machines are purchased and implemented by “Nevskiy Zavod” as a part of integrated programme for the company’s production facilities upgrading.  

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