17 November 2015

REP Holding upgraded compressor equipment in CS Slonimskaya

Field service engineers successfully completed a job to bring modern equipment into operation in CS Slonimskaya being part of "Yamal-Europe" pipeline. The project was implemented under agreement between JSC REPH and JSC Gazprom Transgaz Belarus".

REPH engineers provided the guidance through the installation and commissioning of the replaceable compressor bundle.  Within the project, REPH designed, manufactured and successfully installed a brand new replaceable bundle СПЧ-16/85-1,37М to enhance the reliability of the existing compressor in CS Slonimskaya. This was achieved by replacing the old magnetic bearings of some other supplier with the new ones made by REPH as part of the magnetic bearing system. The installation process saw additional innovative technical solutions promptly taken, design documents revised and UCP control system updated. These measures ensured successful installation of brand new equipment fitted with a highly efficient magnetic bearing system to considerably cut down the operation costs.

Before the equipment was installed and commissioned, the replaceable bundle СПЧ-16/85-1,37М had passed 72 hour running test encased in centrifugal compressor 16ГЦ2-340/60-85М as part of the gas pumping unit No.1 in CS Slonimskaya. The test fully confirmed that the technical characteristics of the delivered equipment complied with the customer requirements.  

This project is not the first one on REPH list when the compressor bundles were replaced.  Similar works have been carried out since 2012 when REPH specialists produced, installed and commissioned the first compressor bundle using the active magnetic bearing system to upgrade the compressor in the compressor station of the Western-Tarkosalinksy gas production field of LLC Gazprom Dobycha Noyabrsk. According to the upgrading program of PJSC Gazprom, for today 8 replaceable bundles on magnetic bearing have been manufactured in Nevskiy Zavod, a manufacturing site of REP Holding, and commissioned.

Since 2009 active magnetic bearing systems have been produced in REP Holding manufacturing sites under S2M license (SKF). This equipment has already been field proven in operation as part of gas pumping units in gas and gas condensate transportation and production sites.  

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