9 October 2015

REP Holding was Awarded a Diploma for the Best Report in the "Synergy in Power Industry” Category at the "Russian Industrialist" International Forum

REP Holding representatives  participated in the research-to-practice Conference “State-of-the-Art Technologies and Equipment in the Power Industry  within the Framework of the Substitution Programs”.

The Conference was part of the business program of the XIX International Forum "Russian Industrialist"  that  took place on October 8-9, 2015  in the Cultural-and- Exhibition Center "EXPOFORUM". The event was organized by NP “Association of Power Engineers of the Northwest", St. Petersburg Energy Advanced Training Institute (FGAOU DPO "PEIPK "), the North-West branch of the Academy for Electric Engineering  Science of the Russian Federation and the Import Substitution and  Localization Center of St. Petersburg. The Conference was also supported by  St. Petersburg Energy and Engineering Committee  and the Committee on Energy Strategy and Development (FEC, St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry).

The main objective of this Conference was to deepen the effective cooperation between customers, power equipment manufacturers and research institutes to implement the policy of innovation development, import substitution and import forestalling.

At the Conference, reports on the import substitution  priorities were made by  heads of the relevant units  of PJSC «FGC UES», OJSC «North-West MRSK (Interregional Distribution Grid Company)”  and PJSC “FGC UES”  branch  -  Northwest MPN (Main Power Networks).

The representatives of JSC "GazpromPromgaz", LLC "Siemens. Gas Turbine Technology", "Hydrogen Energy "TSNII SET" Branch,   FGUP " Krylovsky State Scientific Center” Branch, LLC “Sevzapprom”, CJSC «Automation Engineering Center for  Resource-Saving Technologies” and others told about  production of import-substituting equipment and advanced developments.  

REP Holding projects related to import substitution were presented in two reports. Sergey Erokhin, Chief Designer of Turbines and Turbo-Units  Department, highlighted the issues of import substitution strategy implementation  in the manufacture of power  equipment, emphasizing  practical experience of REP Holding  in  localization of advanced technology and development  of  heavy-duty gas turbine production  for the energy sector.

In turn, Victor Lesnykh, Director General of Electropult Plant  (REP Holding production site), dwelled in his  report on the difficulties in substituting  the imported switching equipment used in the cubicle switchboards. This problem is caused by the existing objective trend related to implementation of  the "Smart Grids" concept in Russia, on the one hand,  and   by  lack of domestic equipment  required to   implement it, on the other hand. It was also pointed out that there existed upcoming trends  in the development of power control and distribution  which, when assimilated,  would enable  the Russian manufacturers  to move from the import substitution practice to actual import forestalling.

Such an approach to implementation of the  import substitution strategy and energy efficiency  improvement  aroused  keen interest among the Conference participants - representatives of St. Petersburg executive power, scientific, research and industrial institutions, power grid and power generation companies. REP Holding presentations  were highly appreciated by the industry experts.  PJSC “North-West MRSK (Interregional Distribution Grid Company)”  awarded Victor Lesnykh with a diploma for the best report in the Category of "Synergy in  Power Industry” .

The Conference decided to form a work group on import substitution and innovative development, based on the "Power Engineering" Section of St. Petersburg Science & Technology Council, which REP Holding  representatives are planning  to join.

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