26 October 2015

REP Holding will Deliver Compressors to the Medvezhje Oil-Gas Condensate Field Facilities

In October, three 215-61-1C centrifugal compressors manufactured for installation on the production facilities of  OOO “Gazprom dobycha Nadym” were successfully tested at  Nevskiy Zavod.  

The equipment was manufactured as part of the project for reconstruction of one of the oldest fields in Western Siberia - Medvezhje Oil-Gas Condensate Field  to extend its operation time as much as possible. The compressors are designed to increase pressure of the natural gas pressure coming from the field, and to feed it then to the next stage of compression.

The equipment is customized and differs from the standard type in two additional operating modes, apart from the nominal one, for increased and reduced capacity.

The acceptance tests witnessed  by representatives of  OOO “Gazprom dobycha Nadym”, OOO “Gazprom VNIIGAZ”, OAO "Orgenergogaz" demonstrated full conformity of  the compressor mechanical performance and gas-dynamic behavior with the requirements specification.

The centrifugal compressor will operate as part of the gas-pumping unit  - GTN-6R “Urals” -  at  the booster compressor station  of the Medvezhje Oil-Gas Condensate Field  to extend its life time in the conditions of changing gas compression settings.

This is already a second delivery by REP Holding for the project of Medvezhje Field  modernization. The first three compressors of 215-61-1C type arrived at the field facilities in  2014.


The Medvezhje Oil-Gas Condensate Field   (NGKM) is one of the largest deposits in Russia located on the territory of Nadym region, Yamalo-Nenets autonomous district, 50 km southwest of the village of Nyda. It is from this deposit that the history of the "great Tyumen gas" started.  The Medvezhje Field  was discovered in 1967 and has been in operation since 1972. Over that period 9 gas fields have been  constructed, 2 trillion cubic meters of gas produced, which accounts for  80 per cent of the  approved reserves. The Medvezhje Oil-Gas Condensate Field   is developed by OOO “Gazprom dobycha Nadym”. To maintain the project level of gas extraction the company is currently carrying out  a whole range of the activities  required for reconstruction of the gas field facilities.

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