1 June 2015

REP Holding Equipment will be Installed in Iran at Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant

REP Holding has signed a contract with  JSC "Atomstroyexport" for the manufacture and supply of electrical equipment for installation at  Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant in Iran.

Within the frames of the contract manufactured will be the control cabinet of pulse safety devices of the zone emergency cooling designed to be  used in Unit No. 1 of Bushehr NPP.  All the equipment is manufactured at Plant ELECTROPULT, a production site REP Holding.

The cabinet is designed  for control of electromagnetic actuators providing forced opening of the  pulse-safety devices valve in response to control signals from the process software and hardware. This control panel consists of the main valve, adjustment valve and pulse valves with electromagnetic drive EMK1000. On the main valve mounted is the displacement transducer of  remote indicator  DU2.
Shipment of the equipment to Bushehr NPP is planned for October  2015.

REP Holding has got already experience in supply of  electrical equipment to this Plant: in  2006 the Holding manufactured the pulse safety device of the emergency cooling system for Bushehr NPP, and in 2013  a compl. set of  spare parts was supplied.

Bushehr NPP is a nuclear power plant built in Iran near the city of Bushehr. The power of the Plant is 1000 MW. It is the first nuclear power plant in Iran and throughout the Middle East. Construction was started in 1975 and was resumed, after being suspended for a lengthy period, in 1995. Initially, Kraftwerk Union, a German company,  offered to build the Plant in the mid-1970's. It terminated  the contract with Iran because of the sanctions imposed on the country. In the first half of the 90 's the contract went over to Russia, but the actual construction was launched only in 1998. The construction was completed in August 2010, and in September 2011  the Plant was connected to the network.

JSC "Atomstroyexport" (JSC ASE) is the leading foreign economic engineering company of “Rosatom” State Corporation for construction of nuclear power facilities abroad, the general contractor for construction of Bushehr NPP.

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