29 May 2015

REP Holding will Manufacture Electrical Equipment for Chelyabinskaya Regional Power Plant

In April  2015 REP Holding signed a contract with OAO “Fortum”  to supply a complete set of electrical equipment for Chelyabinskaya RPP. In accordance with the Contract  REP Holding will manufacture  low-voltage switchgear RUNN-0.4 kV and two SIA transformers. Shipment of the equipment to the site is planned for  the end of July, 2015.

Low-voltage switchgear RUNN- 0.4  consists of  individual cabinet types, including  lead-in cabinets, sectioning, outgoing lines, all-sectional devices, control and interface panels with the auxiliary power transformer.  This equipment will be installed for power supply to the  pump plant  of the network water second elevation within the construction of power generating unit CCGT-247, 5 MW, st. No. 1.2 and 3 of the Chelyabinskaya RPP.

OAO “Fortum”  is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of thermal and electrical  energy in the Urals and Western Siberia. The total installed power of the company branches, subsidiaries and affiliates as on March 1, 2015 is  4663.14 MW, as for thermal energy -  12993.6 MW. The “Fortum” company includes nine combined heat and power plants. Five of them are in the Chelyabinsk region, four -  in the Tyumen region, including Nyaganskaya RPP (Nyagan, KHMAO-Yugra) which is one of the largest and up-to-date thermal power plants in Russia.

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