18 June 2015

Service Logistics Center for Advanced Gas turbines has been Opened at REP Holding

On June 18, 2015 an official opening of the Solar Turbines’ Service Logistics Center took place at the production site of REP Holding.

The opening ceremony was attended by chief executives of REP Holding, Gazprombank, Caterpillar Inc. and LLC “Solar CIS". Igor Starinkov, President of REP Holding, Jim Amplbe, Caterpillar Group President and Natalia Chervonenko, Deputy Chairman of Gazprombank Board, cut the symbolic tape, marking the start of the new Center operation.

The new Logistics Centre is located on the territory of Nevskiy Zavod, the main production site of the Holding, and covers an area of more than 400 sq. meters. It is equipped with special machinery, loaders, video control system and computerized workstations. The opening of the Solar Logistic Center will secure safe supply of spare parts for Russian users of Solar Turbines equipment, its service and maintenance at the Customers’ sites.

REP Holding will provide a set of service and logistics services for the entire range of Solar gas turbines in Russia. To implement this task a special service department with a staff of high-skilled personnel was established at REP Holding. The service department specialists will be responsible for storage, acceptance, movement of component s and spare parts, and uninterrupted support of the whole logistics cycle, including document flow.

The opening of this Centre has become the next step in the strategic partnership of REP Holding and Solar Turbines related to setting up the production and service of modern gas-pumping equipment for important facilities of the Russian oil and gas industry.



In August 2013 an agreement on cooperation was signed between REP Holding and Solar Turbines to localize production of the 25 MW gas turbine.
REP Holding localizes production of Solar advanced equipment for the construction and modernization of strategically important facilities of the oil and gas industry within the framework of the long-term cooperation program between REP Holding and Gazprom to expand  the power range of  gas- pumping  units, as well as for  energy and fuel companies facilities  in Russia.
According to the agreement on cooperation, the production localization of gas turbines is carried out in three phases at the  production site of REP Holding - Nevskiy Zavod in Saint-Petersburg. The localization includes the latest advanced technology in design, lean manufacturing and quality control techniques.

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