12 May 2015

REP Holding Congratulated its Veterans on the 70th Anniversary of the Great Victory

On the occasion of the Victory Day  REP Holding arranged  a number  of commemorative events for its  Veterans.

On the 6th  of May the Veterans were invited to the Musical Comedy Theatre for the concert of   wartime  songs. On the 8th  of May, at the premises of Nevskiy Zavod,  held was a solemn event and traditional ceremony of laying flowers to the monument of the Worker  who symbolizes the  bravery and courage of the workers who were fighting on the fronts and working  at the plant  during the war.

In the square around the monument, survivors of siege  and  veterans of the war gathered who worked  in besieged Leningrad at Nevskiy Zavod  that  did not stop its  work in the hardest years of the war. About 100 veterans of  Nevskiq Zavod  and more than 200 employees of the Holding enterprises took part in the meeting.

Warm and sincere words were addressed to the Veterans by first Vice-President of REP Holding Sergei Nikanorov, Technical Director of Nevskiy Zavod  Sergey Ilyin, Chairman of the Nevskiy Zavod  Veterans  Council   Lidiya  Kustova. All those present were also congratulated by the Nevskiy Zavod  veteran of labour  Vyacheslav  Sinitsyn who told how the Plant was surviving  in the hardest war years,  about heroic work of the Nevskiy Zavod  women  who did  heavy men's work in the workshops, about special contribution of  each worker of the Plant to the common Victory. Also, there were greetings  from the Nevskiy Zavod  radio announcer  Lyudmila  Kirillova who had worked at the Plant for more than 40 years, and her voice became so dear  to most of the Veterans.

Besides  the words of thanks and congratulations on the  Great Victory, within  the frames of the holiday concert,  the wartime  songs  and poetry of  Olga Berholtz were performed for the Veterans. A moment of silence was held to honour those who perished heroically  during the war. The flowers were laid to the monument  in commemoration of those who perished.

The event was concluded with a festive dinner for the Veterans, presentation of gifts and flowers. For those Veterans who could not attend the event, delivery of memorable gifts from the company was organized.
We express once again our deep gratitude to the Veterans for their invaluable work and human feat, for the courage, steadfastness  and strength of spirit, for heroism and bravery  that helped win this Great Victory!

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