8 May 2015

Congratulations on the 9th of May Holiday!

We congratulate our colleagues and partners on the coming holiday -  Victory Day!

The Victory Day is a true symbol of heroism, courage and dedication of the people who defended our Motherland! On this holiday we salute our people who showed courage, steadfastness, fortitude and firmness in the face of the enemy, who managed  to maintain the power and independence of our country!

No matter how many years have passed since the victorious May of 1945 onwards, we are overwhelmed with the sense of gratitude and appreciation for that great  feat accomplished by our veterans who fought on the fronts and at the plants and factories of besieged Leningrad among which  there  was our "Nevskiy Zavod»  that did not stop its work  during the hardest  years of the  war.

On this day we would especially wish peaceful skies, health, prosperity, confidence in the future and new victories in your life! Let your home be filled with joy, harmony and emotional warmth!


During the war  Nevskiy Zavod  continued its work making  parts for air bombs; mass production of shells was set up, tanks were repaired and immediately went to the front out of the factory gate.

All the strength and power of Nevskiy Zavod  were thrown to  fight against the enemy and to defend the native city. The workers  that remained  in besieged Leningrad  did a wide variety of work: they loaded peat, dug trenches in cemeteries, shipped food products on the Lake Ladoga, stored up wood.
In July, 1941 Nevskiy Zavod received an order for  production of parts for air bombs, whereupon  mass production of shells was set up  within  two weeks at the plant. The plant machine tools worked around the clock, releasing the products to the front without fail. It was already starting from May, 1942 that   the manufacture of  shells for the rocket  mortars - legendary "Katyusha" – was set going.

In 1944, after the siege of Leningrad had been lifted,  Nevskiy Zavod  received the order for peaceful products, and  all efforts were aimed at restoring the country's ferrous metallurgy. After the war  intensive reconstruction of the country began. The Government did not spare funds to restore  Nevskiy Zavod either, its value being obvious.

It was already in 1945 that  Nevskiy Zavod  designers started initial development  of the  gas turbine that  which was assembled in 1947.

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