17 April 2015

REP Holding as a Strategic Partner of the VI Forum of the Regions of Russia

REP Holding  took part in the VI Forum of  the regions of Russia as a strategic partner for supply of power equipment. The Forum took place on April 8 in Moscow in the Public Chamber of Russia. The Forum of the regions of Russia is one of the largest annual events in the country where  institutions of government, science, business, and business community are meeting.  This year the event  has brought together the leaders of the regions, members of the Public Chamber and top managers of industrial companies to discuss the issues of the domestic industry development  and innovation policy within the frames of the plenary session.
Import substitution, competitiveness of the regions and innovation policy became the main subject of the Forum. According to Galina Karelova, the Deputy Chairman of the Council of Federation of the Russian Federation Federal Assembly, the views and proposals expressed at the Forum will be the impetus to develop new legislative initiatives.

Irina Khakamada, a  member of the RF President’s  Council for development of civil society and human rights, expressed  her view on the development of import substitution and innovation policy, highlighting the main ways to support the industrialization of the country : loan rates co-financing, equipment leasing, facilitation of the rate regulation system involvement, exemption of enterprises from the land fee. "I believe that import substitution is a complex and system task that does not admit of short lead time. It's not a queue for the budget money, this is an broad issue that is solved over a very long time," she said.
According to Irina Khakamada, the main principle of import substitution should be the economic motivation of enterprises, which is often mentioned by the Federal Government too, however, this principle is not yet available in Russia.
Within the frames of the Forum there were several sessions on various topics. REP Holding, being a strategic partner of the Forum, attended and made a report in the interindustry  session "Eastern Vector of Russia as a Source of the Country Economy Growth."  The participants of the session discussed  the issues related to the development of infrastructure projects in the Far Eastern region, mechanisms of public-private partnership in the Far East, as well as the feasibility of joint international projects in this region.

Within the frames of the session Sergey Yerokhin, Chief Designer of the turbines and turbine units, made a report  presenting  the strategy and steps taken by  REP Holding  to implement the import substitution program for major infrastructure projects in the country  by the example of  active assimilation and localization of advanced technology solutions and service competencies and production of up-to-date power equipment.
Also, Oleg Shevchenko, REP Holding  Vice President on energy projects, and  Alexander Ivashchenko, Director of the Power Equipment Department, took part in the Forum of the regions.

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