24 March 2015

REP Holding Took Part in the Industrial Forum on Human Resources

On March 18, 2015 the representatives of  REP Holding HR Directorate took part in the annual Industrial Forum on Human Resources in St.-Petersburg and presented the new projects for personnel development at the Holding enterprises.
The Forum was held with support of the Government of St. Petersburg, the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the EXPERT Northwest journal, other professional mass media and business communities. It was attended by the authorities representatives: regional leaders responsible for the personnel policy and attracting investments, HR Directors and heads of corporate universities, managers responsible for attracting, motivating and developing the staff, experts in the labor market and  development of human capital, business and professional mass media.

Experts, heads of HR departments and services of the major industrial companies such as Gazpromneft, Lukoil, Pirelli Tyres , PK "Baltika ", KAMAZ , CHTPZ, Norilsk Nickel, Severstal and others were among speakers at  the Forum.

The goal of the event was to provide solutions to the problems related to the development and reproduction of human capital in the Russian industry based on modern and already proven best practices of  the leading industrial enterprises.

The Forum was devoted to the discussion of strategies for conservation and development of the national industrial human capital, productivity issues, production standards and production efficiency management. Also, touched upon was the issue of  labor resources, development of new production systems and standards for  training  workers and engineers, staff motivation and social support.

Presented were the best practices and modern principles of training  the engineering skills and regular labor force, the models interaction between universities and employers, practices to provide productivity growth and improvement of  the Russian manufacturers competitiveness.

Within the frames of  the Section "Corporate Strategies of the Human Capital Reproduction and  Development  in Industry"  Natalia Moskaleva,  REP Holding HR Director,  made a presentation "HR with a Red Line on a Blank Sheet...". Natalia told how work is arranged with the employees at the Holding enterprises, what corporate strategies to develop human capital  are applied within   implementation of special programs to motivate and retain production personnel. Also, presented were new tools and approaches to develop managerial competency of the engineering personnel.

The speech aroused lively interest among the professional community of St. Petersburg HR professionals. The presentation was followed by an animated discussion of the issues arising when implementing such programs at industrial enterprises, constructive proposals were sounded  and effective exchange of experience took place.

REP Holding  is planning to take an active part in such activities in the future  with the aim to share experience and establish professional partnership to develop effective methodological  approaches to on-the-job training, personnel  development and reproduction.

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