21 April 2015

REP Holding has Tested Two MS5002E GTU for the Second Stage of CS “Russkaya”

The 32 MW gas turbine  for the second construction stage of CS "Russkaya”  has successfully passed the tests at Nevskiy Zavod, a production site  of REP Holding.  The MS5002E  GTU is manufactured  within  the third localization phase under the license agreement between CJSC «REPH» and GE Oil & Gas (NP).

The  MS5002E gas turbine units  used as a  drive for  GPA-32 "Ladoga" were tested  in the presence of  the  Commission under the chairmanship of  Close Co. "IEMET" Chief Designer of  turbines and turbine units  Sergey  Yerokhin.  Representatives of  OOO “Gazprom Transgaz Krasnodar”,  OAO "Orgenergogaz", Closed Joint-Stock Company  "REP Holding”  and CC “NZL”  were on the  Commission.

During the acceptance tests verified was  interaction  of the assembly units in the test bed conditions; established was conformity of  the  bearing vibration and temperature values to those stated in the test program and procedure; tested was operation of the electronic emergency overspeed trip when the  rotor speed reached the  rate parameter. The Commission confirmed conformity of the GTU mechanical characteristics to the specification requirements.

Preparation of  the  gas turbine units for shipment to the project site is Currently underway. There are another five  GTU  in  production at  Nevskiy Zavod for the CS second stage. A new lot of units will be ready in the near future for the next tests.

The first seven units have already been manufactured and installed on site for  the first construction stage;  intensive pre-commissioning activities are currently underway at the compressor station. The project on installation of  another seven units for  the second stage of the CS "Russkaya”  is planned to be completed in 2015.

CJSC "REPH" produces "Ladoga" gas-pumping units rated at 32 MW that feature  the efficiency which is high for Russian industrial-type units (36%), low emissions and  prolonged service life. GPA-32 "Ladoga"  is designed to transmit natural gas through gas trunk-lines and is supplied  for the reconstruction and new construction projects of OAO “Gazprom”.
In April 2012 REP Holding signed a contract with OOO “Gazprom Komplektatsiya” for  manufacture and supply of 14 sets of GPA-32 "Ladoga"  of  a total power of 448 MW  for the world's largest compressor station "Russkaya".

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