11 March 2015

“REP Holding” Introduces New Gas Turbine T16 to the Russian Market

On 4th of March in POWER GEN 2015 exhibition “REP Holding” announced launching of a new industrial 16MW gas turbine (T16) to be used in Oil&Gas industries and at the power-generating sites.

A certain presentation was made to demonstrate key advantages and technical features of the new turbine, and the prospective of its use for construction of the modern power-generating units.

The new turbine was developed in cooperation with GE Oil & Gas, and will provide up to 37% mechanical efficiency. This brings the higher efficiency and reliability standards for 10-20 MW Gas Turbine Units (GTUs). The new turbine will be used for construction and upgrading of the units of power-generating, and fuel companies, as well as on the gas industry’s objects.

Т16, raising new standard in 16 MW power size, leveraging the robustness and low emission from the heavy-duty concept, with the flexibility of maintenance thru engine exchange from the aeroderivative concept. This turbine can be used as a mechanical drive or as a drive for a generator.

16MW GTU’s systems, in particular all its auxiliaries, are standardized in order to increase the basic performance characteristics as much as possible.
Basic Features:
16.5 MW - shaft power
37% - efficiency mechanical drive
36% - electrical efficiency (simple cycle)
80% - combined electricity and heat generating efficiency
200 000 hours - full life cycle
NOx emissions – not more than 25 ppm.

Purpose of the new double-shaft gas turbine T16 can be used as a part of the gas-turbine power units, combined cycle plants, and gas-transfer units. Due to optimal rated power (16.5MW) and output shaft speed (7800 rpm), T16 ideally suits for use as a part of the GPU at the modern compressor stations dedicated to transportation of gas.

This gas turbine can find its application in the waste heat recovery plants. The temperature of the waste gases in T16 is 490 ºC. This provides efficiency (coefficient of fuel heat utilization) of 80% in the combined power and heat generation system.

Operating Features:
 • The new turbine is characterized by high reliability and operational availability.
 • A peculiar feature about T16 is its operational flexibility under a wide range of load. High efficiency with low emissions is achieved in 20% to 100% load range in dry mode (without need to inject any wet diluent like water or steam) . Due to the structure of the fuel metering system, and combustion control system, the combustion chamber does not need to be adjusted seasonally.
• Modular design of T16 and easy access to the auxiliary systems significantly facilitate easy maintenance and care of the gas turbine.
• Arrangement of T16 on the baseplate enables “lateral rollout” of HP and LP sections, and of the entire unit. This allows to replace the engine within 24 hours from cold conditions, and thus to reduce the downtime.
• The gas turbine has integrated instruments for remote monitoring and diagnostics which collect all control data and transmit them to local and remote control panels.
• High efficiency and low emission (NOx≤25 ppm) within a wide operation range are a reason why the new gas turbine is extremely flexible in operation. The entire production cycle, including assembling and testing, will be performed at the production sites of REP Holding in Saint-Petersburg.

 Designing of the gas-turbine drive T16 started in 2013. The packaged units, including all systems and controls, are planned to be brought to the market in the beginning of 2016.

CJSC “REP Holding” is the Russian power-generating machine building holding established in the year of 2004. Core capabilities include designing, manufacturing and package-supplying of power-generating and electrical equipment which are applied for upgrading of the gas transfer system, for construction of the modern power units and power plants, and in the oil, metallurgical and chemical industries, in the power industry, in the aftersale service market, in the low-power generation and in a number of other industries. The core product range includes 32MW, 22-25MW gas turbines, and the 16MW unit being developed now. Also the products are the compressors, steam turbines, electrical equipment, automatic control systems, products of the company’s metallurgical shop, etc.

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