3 February 2015

REP Holding will Manufacture Compressor Equipment for OAO “NOVATEK”

At the end of December  2014 Rep Holding  made the contract for supply  of  a compressor rated  at 10 MW to  DKS (Booster Compressor Station) of Khancheyskoye Field  LLC “NOVATEK- TARKOSALENEFTEGAZ”  (a subsidiary of  OAO “ NOVATEK”).

The compressor will be designed by the Institute of Power Machine-Building and Electrotechnics (Close Co. “IEMETE) and manufactured   directly at “Nevskiy  Zavod” Plant,  a production site of REP Holding.  The centrifugal compressor will be  equipped with the dry gas seal system  (DGS), as well as with the replaceable flow passage.

The compressor is designed to compress raw gas at gas processing plants and field  compressor stations and to supply it to a common reservoir. The compressor and all the auxiliary equipment are explosion-proof. The compressor unit is equipped with the control,  protection, monitoring  and alarm systems, protection against backflow of gas from the  network to the compressor, against surge, axial displacement of  all cylinders rotors,  temperature rise of the unit bearing shells, oil pressure drop  in the lubrication system.

It is planned that the compressor manufactured by REP Holding will be shipped to the Khancheyskoye Field in October, 2015.


OAO “NOVATEK”  is engaged in the exploration, production, processing  and sale of  natural gas and liquid hydrocarbons and has 20-years experience in the Russian oil and gas industry.

The company fields and licensed sites are located in the Yamalo-Nenets autonomous district (YANAO) in Western Siberia. YANAO is largest region in Russia producing  natural gas which accounts for about 90% of Russian natural gas production and about 17% of the  world gas output.

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