23 December 2014

REP Holding has Delivered Three sets of Complete Sets of Replacement Flow Parts for OOO “Gazprom dobycha Urengoy”

REP Holding has conducted successfully comprehensive delivery–and-acceptance tests of  three replacement flow parts for booster compressor stations of OOO “Gazprom dobycha Urengoy." REP Holding plans to deliver all in all ten sets of replacement flow parts for OOO “Gazprom dobycha Urengoy" facilities.

The delivery – and- acceptance tests were held  at  Nevskiy Zavod Plant , a production site  of REP Holding.  The tests were performed in accordance with the Standard  Program and Procedure  of  Preliminary Tests for Natural Gas Compressors  (replacement flow parts)  at the Manufacturer’s Works"

The Commission  that included representatives of  REP Holding  and   Nevskiy Zavod headed by   General Director of Close Co. “IEMET” Vasily Spirin, representatives  of  OAO "Orgenergogaz" and OOO “Gazprom dobycha Urengoy”  found  the gas dynamic and mechanical characteristics of all replacement flow parts as fully compliant with the Technical Requirements Specification.

The 155-10/76-2.2С  replacement flow part  is designed for installation  on the units of  “Ural” GPA-10 type with a gas turbine drive of ПС-90ГП-3 type  equipped with  the НЦ10ДКС-01 centrifugal compressor. The replacement flow parts have been made five-staged, with dry  gas seals of the  flow part and  oil bearings. These  replacement flow parts feature gas dynamic seals with  end groove seals of  separation air with floating rings  preventing fouling of the compressed gas by oil from the bearings.

By now,  three sets of 155-10/76-2.2С  replacement flow parts  have been already delivered  to OOO “Gazprom dobycha Urengoy”  where they will be soon mounted and  undergo acceptance tests as part  of  the  «URAL» GPA-10 gas-pumping unit.

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