27 November 2014

«REP Holding» has started a shipment of equipment for «Gazprom neft Novy Port» and carried out the tests of the second GT unit

In November the REP Holding started the shipment of GPA-32 «Ladoga» units to compressor station «Novy Port», which at the beginning of October of this year successfully passed acceptance Tests (AT) at the «Nevsky Zavod», at the production facility of «REP Holding». Up to the end of the December 2014 it is planned to deliver the compressors for GPA-32 «Ladoga».

Also in November AT of already second MS5002E turbine unit for CS «Novy Port» passed at the «Nevsky Zavod». The tests of GT were carried out with witness of the commission under the chairmanship of Mr. Spirin Vasily, Director General of ZAO «IEMET» and Mr. Erokhin Sergey, Chief Designer of turbine and turbo-units of ZAO «IEMET», and also the representatives of OOO «Gazprom neft Novy Port », OOO «Gazprom neft NTC», OOO«Gazprom neft – Razvitie», OAO «Orgenergogas», experts of «REP Holding» and its subsidiaries.

Commission made the conclusion, those GTU MS5002E mechanical parameters at the maximum speed of rotors rotation complies with specified technical requirements.  The GTU successfully passed acceptance tests according to Checkout & Inspection Plan, program and a method of testing.

Totally it is planned to manufacture and supply 8 gas-pumping units  «Ladoga» with power of 32 MW for ООО «Gazprom neft Novy Port». All gas pumping units are made on the base of Gas Turbine MS 5002E (under the license of GE Oil&Gas) of «REP Holding» production.


Recoverable reserves of the property deposit Novoportovskoe as for category C1 and С2 are draw up more than 250 million tons of  oil and condensate, and also more than  320 billion cubic meters of  gas (taking into account the Paleozoic deposits). The last year «Gazprom neft Novy Port» (Project operator, a subsidiary of «Gazprom neft») finished the drilling program in the frames of pilot production deposit.
In October of 2014y, «Gazprom neft " finished the first season of oil transportation from Novy Port by sea. Raw materials of the new grade «Novy Port» by its properties relates to light category, and by sulfur containment (appr. 0,1%) surpass by quality  not only  the Russian mixture Urals, but Brent as well.
Full-scale development of Novy Port starts in the 2016, after finishing the terminal construction of the all-the-year-round oil export.

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