2 October 2014

"ELECTROPULT" has Become a Strategic Partner of the City Electric Transport Companies and Metro

On  October 2, 2014 in the framework of the 7th St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum, General Director of JSC "ELECTROPULT Plant" (production site of "REP Holding ") Yevgeny  Bezzubtsev signed an Agreement on cooperation between  the electrical equipment manufacturers  and the companies working in the field of external traction energy infrastructure of the city electric transport and Metro for the period up to 2020.

The eight-sided Agreement was signed by Director General of JSC "Lenenergo" Andrey Sorochinsky, Director General of  JSC “St. Petersburg Electric Networks" Vladimir Samotalin, Acting Director General of the State Unitary Enterprise "Gorelektrotrans" Yury Venediktov, Head of the State Unitary Enterprise "Petersburg Metropolitan” Vladimir Garyugin and representatives of the leading Petersburg manufacturers of electrical equipment:  General Director of JSC " ELECTROPULT Plant"  Yevgeny  Bezzubtsev , General Director of OOO “NIIEFA-ENERGO” Andrey Tyurikov, Director General of OOO “Electrophysics”   Alexey Volkov, Commercial Director of JSC “PO Eltekhnika"  Andrey Galushkin.

The Agreement provides for mutually beneficial cooperation and strategic partnership of the organizations aimed at joint elaboration, implementation and development of innovative technical solutions to meet the needs of the municipal energy services in the products manufactured by Petersburg enterprises, to ensure  competitiveness of these products in the domestic market.  As mentioned in the document, this will enable the municipal service companies to cut costs in urban construction, reconstruction, repair and subsequent operation of power installations and to improve their functionality.

The Agreement implementation supposes the  development of research and production facilities, as well as the development and manufacture of new types of high-tech products in quantities that will meet the requirements of the city enterprises and integrated power grid facilities.
Georgy Poltavchenko,  Governor of St. Petersburg, who was present at the ceremony of signing, emphasized the particular importance of this Agreement for the purposes of the socio-economic development strategy for  St. Petersburg up to 2030.

"The Agreement will provide  the city enterprises with orders for many years, and will promote innovation, create new high-paid jobs, save budgetary funds  by introducing energy-saving technologies. This document is very important and necessary for the city. The Agreement gives a start for the actual implementation of the economic and social development strategy of St. Petersburg up to the year of 2030," said Georgy Poltavchenko.

Director General of "ELECTROPULT Plant"  Yevgeny  Bezzubtsev said: "The signing of this Agreement opens new opportunities for us  to produce and sell our electrical products to new markets. Closer cooperation with the municipal transport companies and energy facilities gives us the incentive to create innovative products that are in demand in the market and are not inferior in quality to foreign analogues. Our plant has all the required capacities and resources to achieve this objective. "
JSC "ELECTROPULT Plant " is the leading Russian company with the complete production cycle, engaged in the development and production of  electrical equipment, control systems, electrical power distribution and management. The Plant is part of  Close Company “REP Holding” and is a powerful production platform for implementation of power equipment package supply.

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