18 July 2014

REP Holding has Won the Tender for the Supply of Turbo - Generator Sets for Kemerovo OJSC “Koks”

In early June REP Holding won the tender held by OJSC “Koks” for the supply of two turbo - generators rated at 6 MW for Kemerovo coking plant.

Under this contract the enterprises of REP Holding will manufacture two new steam turbines rated at 6 MW with auxiliary equipment, as well as the automatic monitoring and control system. Within the scope of this supply applied will be an up-to-date steam turbine governing system possessing all the required technical characteristics, such as quick response and accuracy, to meet the regulatory requirements specified for turbo-generator sets. This system was developed for the first time by specialists of the Holding enterprises to fulfil the order on upgrading the turbo-generator at 12 MW for Nizhny Tagil Integrated Iron and Steel Works and it is planned to be actively used in future projects.

In 2015 REP Holding will perform packaged supply of modern high-tech equipment: two steam turbines, generators and control systems. In addition, under the terms of the contract, REP Holding specialists will carry out all the erection supervision and pre-commissioning activities, as well as the system commissioning of the units.


OJSC “Koks” (Kemerovo Coking Plant) is one of the largest producers of metallurgical coke in Russia. The plant is one of the core enterprises and the actual founder of the “Koks” Group which is managed by LLC UK "PMH". OJSC “Koks” is the largest Russian supplier of marketable coke. Also, the products of the Kemerovo Coking Plant account for the largest share of the total amount of coke exported by Russia. Kemerovo Coke Plant produces metallurgical coke which is used in blast furnaces as fuel and a reducing agent for iron ore due to oxygen being chemically removed from iron oxide contained in iron ore.

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