30 April 2014

REP Holding has Presented its Advanced Developments at the All-Russian Forum "Innovative Technical Solutions in Gas Industry: Prospects of Implementation"

From April 17 to 18 in «President-Hotel» in Moscow held was the All-Russian Forum "Innovative Technical Solutions in  Gas Industry: Prospects of Implementation" organized by the Association of equipment manufacturers "New Technologies of Gas Industry."

On the first day of the Forum, a plenary meeting was chaired by the Chairman of the OAO Gazprom Board of Directors V.A. Zubkov  with participation of the  top management of OAO “Gazprom”, heads of structural subdivisions, subsidiaries of Gazprom Group. On the same day, an exhibition took place where innovative solutions were presented by the Manufacturers of equipment for gas industry. The Forum was also attended by top managers of the equipment manufacturers and suppliers, design and research organizations.

REP Holding, being a member of the Association of the equipment manufacturers for gas industry, took an active part both in the business program of the Forum and in the exhibition. At its exhibition stand REP Holding introduced modern gas turbine equipment –  GPA-32 "Ladoga" unit the production of which has been localized up to  95% at the Holding facilities, demonstrated the technology to improve the compressor equipment efficiency by the  example of model impellers with 3D blades, and also presented the main projects within implementation of the program “Long-Term Cooperation (up to the year of 2020) between OAO "Gazprom" and REP Holding”.

In the section dedicated to the modernization of natural gas production, transport and processing facilities REP Holding Chief Designer of turbines and turbo-units Sergey Erokhin and Chief Eengineer of the GPA Project Olga Zorkina made a joint report on "Experience in Production Localization and Mastering of Advanced Foreign Technologies by the Example of Gas Turbines Produced by REP Holding".  In their report they told about the main activities on  localization of modern gas turbine at Close Co. "REPH", as well as on gradually, stage-by-stage, increasing its production share in Russia. In the second part of the report presented were  REP Holding projects to create  standardized  gas-pumping units on the basis of industrial plants rated at  16, 22 and 32 MW.

Vladimir Yun, Head of  the Compressor Design and Research subdivision, REP Holding,  presented the report within the working section where  discussed were the issues related to improving the efficiency of the compressors by implementing innovative solutions. The report on “The Use of Advanced Technologies to Improve the Economic Effectiveness of the Compressor Equipment by Increasing the Efficiency"  presented the experience in operation of centrifugal compressors produced by REP Holding, the methods to increase the efficiency and the main steps for creating high-tech equipment, as well as practical experience in obtaining   a polytropic  efficiency of impellers up to the  world standard (92-96%).
ере The Forum has become an effective platform for exchange of experience in production, as well as  opinions on the problems that companies face  when interacting  with dedicated departments of OAO Gazprom. During the round tables and technical sections discussed were the concepts aimed at improving the effectiveness of reconstruction and technical re-equipment of gas production and transportation facilities.

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