27 January 2014

«REP Holding» has completed the Order for Supply of Electrical Equipment for Concern Rosenergoatom OJSC

«REP Holding» has completed the manufacture and shipped complete sets of electrical equipment for the sites of Concern Rosenergoatom OJSC - six low voltage distribution switchboards (NKU cabinets) for Kalininskaya Nuclear Power Plant and 8 NKU cabinets for the MCP (main circulation pump) transducers for the latest, fourth, unit of the Beloyarskaya NPP.

The equipment was manufactured on the production site of «REP Holding»- «ELECTROPULT –Plant» on time according to the signed contract.

These distribution and control low voltage switchboards are designed to receive and distribute electric energy between in-house consumers at nuclear, thermal, hydraulic power plants and other power generation facilities.

At the Kalininskaya NPP the equipment will be used for the newly mounted hardware system generating signals of the emergency and warning protection facilities within the frames of extension of the Power Unit No. 1 operating life.

The equipment manufactured for the Beloyarskaya NPP is designed for the process systems of the main circulating pumps (MCP) for the new Power Unit No. 4 at the Beloyarskaya NPP. At present the Beloyarskaya NPP is at the stage of a physical start-up of the fast-neutron reactor BN-800, the power start-up of the Unit - its connection to the power grid and start of power generation - is scheduled for 2014.

«REP Holding» has been cooperating with the Kalininskaya and Beloyarskaya NPPs since 2005. For these sites supplied have been already various types of electrical equipment, among which DC-boards, 6kV switchgear cubicles, relay protection and automatic equipment, NKU cabinets, IC (intermediate cross connect) control panels etc.

This year too, «REP Holding» is planning to actively participate in tenders for supply of switchboard equipment for the sites of Concern Rosenergoatom OJSC.

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