6 December 2013

«Rep Holding» has successfully tested the GTNR-16 GTU for CS-11 «Sindor»

On November 29, 2013 on the «REP Holding» production site – «Nevskiy Zavod» - held were the acceptance tests of the GTNR-16 gas turbine unit for CS-11 «Sindor» of the gas main SRTO «Torzhok». At this compressor station in 2010 2 GTNR -16 units made by REP Holding were installed and since then have been successfully operated, the total operating time of the units at the end of October was about 30 thousand hours.

The delivery of two more units is planned within implementation of the Shop No. 4 reconstruction project, second phase.

The tests were carried out in the presence of the Commission chaired by Director General of «Institute of Power Machine-Building & Electronics» (the subsidiary enterprise of «REP Holding») Vasily Spirin and the customer representative –the head of OOKS ETC «Gazprom transgaz Ukhta» Alexander Lenyusky.

The tests were also attended by representatives from «Gazprom VNIIGAZ», «Gazprom centrremont» and « Orgenergogaz».

The Commission run the tests of the GTNR-16 turbo unit produced by «Nevskiy Zavod» in accordance with the design documentation for «Gazprom transgaz Ukhta».

The tests were conducted in accordance with the «Program and Methods of the Acceptance Tests for GTNR-16 at the Manufacturer’s site» – 260 PM-3.

During the tests the operability of the test bed ACS and the elements of the GTU automatic governing and protection system was validated, interaction of assembly units in the test bed conditions and operation of the electric overspeed trip of the LPT rotor at 5530 rpm, was tested, compliance of the mechanical and thermotechnical characteristics of the GTU with the requirements of TU 3647-024-71439231-2009 was confirmed.

In the production of this unit all the deficiencies and punch-items found during the previously held tests in 2009 were eliminated in full scope.

Based on the results of the tests the Report was signed, whereby the Commission resolved that the GTNR-16 had been manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the design specifications and design documentation, was operable and ready for shipment to the customer.

At present the GTU is being prepared for shipment to CS-11 «Sindor».

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