13 December 2013

GPU-32 «Ladoga» Units Accepted for Commercial Operation

On December 05 to 07, 2013 at CS «Chikshinskaya» (Pechorskoye LPU MG «Gazprom transgaz Ukhta»), Gas Main «Bovanekovo-Ukhta», the acceptance tests of the GPU-32 «Ladoga» prototype complete with the 400-21-1C centrifugal compressor and designed for 12 MPa were successfully held. The compressor is driven by MS 5002E GTU.

Within the frames of these tests the technical characteristics of one of the supplied units, based on the results of which the decision was made on the operational suitability of the equipment as a whole were checked.

At the time of the tests, the total amount of operating hours of GPU-32 «Ladoga» was 3024 hours. The tests were carried out by the acceptance Commission consisting of representatives from «Gazprom», «Gazprom transgaz Ukhta», «Gazprom VNIIGAS», «Yamalgazinvest», Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Atomic Supervision (Rostekhnadzor), NPO «Iskra» and «REP Holding».

The Commission considered the results of the preliminary and acceptance tests of the prototype GPU-32 «Ladoga» gas-pumping unit, checked the main characteristics of the GPU-32 «Ladoga» gas-pumping unit for compliance with the requirements specifications and supply specifications, as well as checked the operability of GPU-32 «Ladoga» in different operating conditions stipulated for by the acceptance tests program and procedure.

The Commission resolved that the design and operational documentation for the GPU-32 «Ladoga» gas-pumping unit and its components met the requirements of the State standards, and the completeness of GPU-32 «Ladoga» was in conformity with the design documentation, requirements specifications and technical specifications, and confirmed was the efficiency of GPU-32 «Ladoga» and its systems at the operating points stipulated by the technical requirements and specifications.

According to the results of the tests signed was the report based on which the GPU-32 «Ladoga» units were accepted for commercial operation at 12 MPa.

«REP Holding» has manufactured 4 GPU-32 «Ladoga» units based on the MS5002E GTU and centrifugal compressor 400-21-1C for CS «Chikshinskaya» against the «Gazprom» order. The order for manufacture of the units was received in June 2009. By the middle of 2011, the equipment was manufactured and delivered to the station. Installation, erection supervision and pre-commissioning, as well as the commissioning of the last unit were implemented in May 2013. The total power of the station is 128 MW.

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