17 December 2013

«REP Holding» manufactured changeable flow channel for CS «Syzran» applying the magnetic bearing system

At «REP Holding» facilities the acceptance tests of changeable flow channel with the magnetic bearing system for compressor НЦ-16/76 GPU№31, within the frame of equipment modernization on CS «Syzran» of main pipeline «Urengoy-Novopskov» are successfully completed.

The testing was performed on the testing bench of manufacturing site «Nevskiy Zavod» with present of the committee under the chairmanship of Director General of «Nevskiy Zavod» Alexey Popkov, with the participation of representatives from «GAPROM VNIIGAZ», «Gazprom transgaz Samara», «Gazprom transgaz Yugorsk», «Gazprom transgaz Nizhny Novgorod», «Gazprom extraction Yamburg», «Gazprom extraction Urengoy» and also «Gazprom centrremont».

The testing was successfully completed and the results are in accordance with gasodynamic characteristic of changeable flow channel, which were approved in the technical task, the vibration values were not exceed the setted allowances. According the results of the testing, the protocol was signed, where the committee proved the readiness of the equipment to the shipment and operation on the object.

The equipment has already shipped to the object, now the installation supervising and pre-commissioning activities.

The plans for 2014 year – to participate in supply tender for the second set of changeable flow channel with the magnetic bearing system for outdated equipment replacement.

According the overhaul schedule of «Gazprom centrremont» instructed to «REP Holding» the manufacturing of changeable flow channel and the magnetic bearing system for compressor НЦ-16/76 GPU №31, which is included into the set of ГПА-Ц-16 of Syzran Line production department of main pipelines. The performance of the replacement of changeable flow channel is connected with the necessity of adaptation of centrifugal compressors into the gas piping units to the changed gas compression parameters, and also to increase the reliability of magnetic bearing system operation.

The manufacturing of changeable flow channel for CS «Syzran» - is the next step within the frame of the realization of complex task for flow parts replacement with apply of magnetic bearing on the object of main pipelines, according the plans of «Gazprom».

In 2012 «REP Holding» firstly performed the development, manufacturing, assembling and commissioning of the 1st changeable flow channel with the active magnetic bearing system within the frame of modernization of compressor on the booster compressor station of Zapadno-Tarkosalinskoe field.

The manufacturing of magnetic bearings was performed on the enterprises of «REP Holding» under the license of S2M company from 2009, the equipment was successfully used in the set of gas-piping units on the objects of transportation and gas and gas condensate production.

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