19 December 2013

«REP Holding» supplied the transformer substations for Smolensky NPP

At the end of November 2013 «REP Holding» completed the manufacturing and shipped two packaged transformer substations for auxiliaries КТПСН-1600-6/0,4 for Smolensky NPP affiliate «Rosenergoatom».

The order for manufacturing and supplying of substations was signed up in June 2013 due to the success in open tender. 120 working days were taken to manufacture the products, according the contract. The equipment was produced on the manufacturing site of «REP Holding» – «Electropult Plant».

Those transformer substations are intended for receiving, converting and electric energy distribution of three-phase current with the frequency 50Hz and the voltage 0.4 kV to the auxiliary consumers on the nuclear power facilities. The substation consists of input devices from the high voltage side (HVD), power transformers, distribution devices from the low voltage side (DDLV). The cabinets are manufactured according own constructive by «Electropult Plant» using the relay blocks.

The enterprise has long-term experience of КТПСН (PTSA) manufacturing of flexible packaging. The packaged transformer substations for auxiliaries by «REP Holding» manufacturing are applied in industrial enterprises power supply systems, particular – on the nuclear power facilities, oil, gas and other branches.

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