12 July 2013

«REP Holding» and GE Oil & Gas have signed the License Agreement for manufacture of the 16 MW gas turbine

On June 20, 2013 GE Oil & Gas and «REP Holding» signed the License Agreement on joint development and production of a new industrial gas turbine rated at 16 MW for the needs of «Gazprom» and power generation companies.

The agreement was signed at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum by President of «REP Holding» Igor Starinkov and the Regional General Manager of GE Oil & Gas in Russia and CIS Alessio Mariani. The agreement highlights the phases of joint activities of GE Oil & Gas and «REP Holding» for the development of the new product line.

The plans to develop the production of a gas turbine rated at 16 MW by «REP Holding» for application at the integrated gas transmission system facilities and in power generation in the Russian Federation are also embodied in the Memorandum on Strategic Cooperation, signed on June 21 2013 by GE and Gazprombank at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum for implementation of projects based on the innovative technologies and aimed at the development of the Russian oil –and-gas and energy industrial complex.

«REP Holding» and GE Oil & Gas have been cooperating since March 2008, when was signed the first License Agreement for the production localization of the MS5002E gas turbine which is part of the new generation gas-pumping unit «Ladoga-32». Under the agreement there are three contracts for the production of a total of 58 gas turbine units, 24 units have been already manufactured and delivered to the main gas pipelines facilities. By the year of 2012, on the production site of «REP Holding» - «Nevskiy Zavod» - localized had been the production of the licensed MS5002E gas turbine rated at 32 MW. The sites for its delivery are compressor stations of the gas trunkline system «Bovanenkovo-Ukhta», «South Stream» and other projects of reconstruction and new construction of «Gazprom».

The signing of the second License Agreement became the next step on the way of strategic partnership between «REP Holding» and GE Oil & Gas. Based on this Agreement the companies will start joint design and production of the 16 MW units. The GPU-16 MW, as well as the GPU-32, is designed for transportation of natural gas and will be applied at the compressor stations under construction and for the projects of reconstruction of the main gas pipelines. This project is aimed at implementation of the long-term program of cooperation between «REP Holding» and «Gazprom» to expand the power range of the gas - pumping units for construction and modernization of strategic gas industry facilities.

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