28 June 2013

«REP Holding» has win the bid for production of FACTORY ASSEMBLED TRANSFORMER SUBSTATIONS for Smolenskay NPP

In June of 2013 y , the «REP Holding» win the bid, developed by affiliate company of JSC «ROSENERGOATOM Concern» Smolenskay NPP, as for production and supply of the FACTORY ASSEMBLED TRANSFORMER SUBSTATION (FATS) of 6/0,4 (2-х KTП С-1600-6/0,4кВ).

Before the «REP Holding» has the successful experience for production and delivery of electro technical equipment for the Smolenskay NPP. The high quality of equipment and more profitable price quotation are the main advantages of «REP Holding» as for the win of bids. Factory assembled transformer substations of auxiliary purpose will be produced in the frame of continuation the SOW (scope of works) for the enhancement of Smolenskay NPP, according to terms of contract the time for manufacturing is 4 month.

The transformer substation is intending for acceptance, transformation and distribution of power electricity for 3- phase AC, at a frequency of 50 Hz and with voltage of 0, 4 kV. Transformer substation consists of income devices from the HV side, power transformers, and distribution boards from the side of LV (РУНН).

The transformer substation of «REP Holding» production are used in the systems of electrical power supply at industrial enterprise, in particular – on the objects of nuclear - power engineering, O&G and other brunches of industry.

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