2 April 2013

In «REP Holding» held a meeting on the issues of the localization of production of the equipment for filling stations

On March 29, 2013 on the production site of «REP Holding» - «Nevski Zavod» – was held a working meeting with «Gazprom» Chairman of the Board of Directors Viktor Zubkov and Deputy Chairman of Gazprom's Management Committee Vitaly Markelov, St. Petersburg Governor Georgy Poltavchenko, «REP Holding» management team, chief executives of German company «Bauer Group», as well as the delegation of «Gazprombank» headed by the Chairman of the Management Board Andrei Akimov.

The meeting participants were demonstrated the production capacities of «Nevskiy Zavod», manufacturing and assembly of the new generation power-generating and turbo – compressor machinery, the upgraded metallurgical complex. Also, as part of the tour about the Plant, the guests took a view of the main assembly bays for the gas-pumping unit "Ladoga-32" based on MS5002E GTU produced under the license of GE Oil & Gas where the successful experience of production localization of modern gas pumping equipment was demonstrated.

Georgy Poltavchenko noted the high level and organizational culture of the production processes at the enterprise, as well as high technological effectiveness of the manufactured equipment.

After the tour around the production facilities a working meeting took place where the participants exchanged information on production localization of the Bauer GROUP company process equipment for NGV-refuelling compressor stations in St Petersburg based on «REP Holding».

Viktor Zubkov emphasized that in 2013 «Gazprom» has alloted the pilot regions for the development of the natural-gas-based motor fuel market. These are regions that have already got experience in gasification of the motor transport and have the necessary financial and economic capabilities. Substitution of traditional fuels in these sectors will make it possible to avoid the fare rate growth in public transport, to reduce the agricultural production costs, to cut the equipment operating costs, to improve the environmental situation. The newly established company «Gazprom natural-gas-based motor fuel» («Gazprom gazomotornoye toplivo») - a single «Gazprom» operator in this field – shall play the main role in this respect.

St. Petersburg Governor pointed out that the construction of such gas-filling stations and development of the infrastructure with the environmentally friendly fuel is very important. Also, Georgy Poltavchenko said that St. Petersburg will offer various options to attract investors.

During the meeting Igor Starinkov, President of «REP Holding», presented the main activities of the Holding Company, paying special attention to the complex approach of the company in the manufacture and supply of modern power equipment. The representatives of the Bauer Group german company also made a presentation on the activities of their company and experience in the manufacture of the equipment for NGV-refuelling compressor stations.

Based on the results of the meeting the Parties agreed to continue joint work on this project.

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