12 April 2013

«REP Holding» Manufactured а New Full-Scale Simulator for Balakovskaya NPP

«REP Holding» finished production of the unit control board, and of the standby full-scale simulator for the power-generation unit No.1 of Balakovskaya NPP constructed by the group of companies «Rosenergoatom» under the order of the General Project Contractor, «VNIIAES». The Holding company won the Simulator Manufacturing and Supply Tender in December of 2011. The equipment was produced by the fixed dates, and in April of 2013 the final acceptance tests of the full-scale simulator were successfully finished.

Previously, «REP Holding» had successful collaborations with VNIIAES, and, on more than one occasions, demonstrated high quality and promptness of fulfilling of orders. The tender was won in spite of tough competition. Bidding was preceded by a continuous preparation of the tender documents during a year.

The full-scale simulator for Balakovskaya NPP was constructed using the production facilities of the joint venture «Elektropult-Grozny» (Grozny) under the supervision of the qualified specialists of «Zavod ELEKTROPULT» (subsidiary of REP Holding, Saint-Petersburg).

It was the first time for «Elektropult-Grozny» to experience construction of a simulator for the nuclear power plant. Thanks to experience and comprehensive supervision of Saint-Petersburg colleagues, the order was executed at the highest level. This simulator is totally based on electronic control. This allows to achieve extremely accurate and real-time indices.

The hardware which is located on the front side of the simulator panels and posts of the unit control panel and the standby control panel, reproduces the hardware of the power-generating unit of NPP in structure, location, size, shape and color. The data which are displayed by the instruments and indicators of the simulator of the unit control panel and the standby control panel are shown to the operator in the same manner and units of measurements as those at the unit control panel and the standby control panel of the power-generating units of NPP.

The full-scale simulator is used to train the personnel of the nuclear power plants in safe starting and in safe execution of other operation modes. «In the normal mode the plant does not malfunction, nonetheless the personnel should be able to «take bearings» and to execute required actions in the hazardous and emergency cases. This is exactly why the full-scale simulator which totally simulates the plant equipment, is required. The manufactured simulator meets the requirements of the modern technologies which are nowadays applied to construction and modernization of NPP», the representative of the Training Center of Balakovskaya NPP, Yevgeny Yatsinа, noticed.

Manufacturing of the full-scale simulator is divided in 5 stages: development of the tender documentation (this was done under the supervision of the Chief Designer of «Zavod ELEKTROPULT», Igor Kvitkov, manufacturing of metal structures, posts and panels of the simulator, installation, and acceptance tests at the production site. To develop the tender documentation, «REP Holding» specialists directly went to the plant to take the accurate measurements in situ. The project was custom-tailored, and owing to this installation procedure was different from that of the standard production, and turned out to be labor consuming. The acceptance tests which were performed in the company «ELEKTROPULT-Grozny» showed that the equipment is operating properly and is ready for operation.

In the end of 2012 the simulator was delivered to the premises of «Zavod ELEKTROPULT». In December it passed the preliminary acceptance tests, and in April of 2013 it underwent the final acceptance tests carried out by «VNIIAES». During these final acceptance tests it was noticed that the manufactured equipment is of high quality.

«The full-scale simulator for NPP is a complex and massive equipment. To this day I see a good piece of work. There are almost no major faults. Those minor faults which are detected in course of works are rectified. Therefore, to my mind, the board looks exactly like the control units of the plant will look upon completion of their modernization in 2015», Rafael Avakov, the Manager of the Full-Scale Simulator Project for Units Nos. 1 and 2 of Balakovskaya NPP, commented on the results of the works carried out by the specialists of REP Holding companies.

The Full-scale simulators for NPP manufactured by «REP Holding» are successfully operated at the power-generating unit No.4 of Kurskaya NPP, at Kudan-Kulam NPP, at the power-generating units Nos. 1 and 2 of Smolenskaya NPP and at the power-generating units Nos. 2 and 3 of Leningradskaya NPP. During the entire period of its life the company «Zavod-ELEKTROPULT», which joined «REP Holding» in 2004, had been manufacturing the simulators for all nuclear power plants of the former Soviet Union.

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