20 March 2013

«REP Holding» shipped the equipment for Nizhny Tagil Iron and Steel Works

In March «REP Holding» completed the manufacture and shipped the 22-90-2M turbine rotor and K550-41-1 compressor rotor for Nizhny Tagil Iron and Steel Works («EVRAZ NTMK», «Evraz Group»).

The contract with «EVRAZ NTMK» for the manufacture and supply of the rotors was concluded in May 2012. In accordance with its terms «REP Holding» has manufactured and delivered the new equipment to replace the time-expired rotors of the operating turbo-compressor unit. The K 22-90-2M turbine and K550-41-1 compressor installed at Nizhniy Tagil Iron and Steel Works have been manufactured at the Plant «Nevskiy Zavod». The activities related to the manufacture of the new equipment started simultaneously and were completed within 9 months. The rotors have been successfully delivered to the customer and are being prepared for replacement.

K 22-90-2/2M steam turbines manufactured at «Nevskiy Zavod» are also successfully operated at Novolipetsk Iron and Steel Works, the largest mining and metallurgical complex of the Ukraine - ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rig - (formerly Kryvoroizhstal), at Mariupol. Iron and Steel Works named after Ilyich and other large metallurgical enterprises. At present, two K 22-90-2M steam turbines for Nizhny Tagil and Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works are being manufactured at «REP Holding».

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