24 March 2013

«REP Holding» took part in the Technical Conference of «Gazprom»

«REP Holding» took part in the 2nd International Conference «Modern innovative Ttechnical solutions aimed to improve the efficiency of reconstruction and technical re-equipment of the hydrocarbons production facilities". The event was organized by «Gazprom» and was held from 18 to 22 March 2013 on the basis of the treatment and health complex «Vityaz», «Gazprom dobycha Urengoy», Anapa, Krasnodar Territory.

The conference was attended by representatives of the Russian and foreign mining companies, primarily gas producing subsidiaries of «Gazprom», as well as of the companies specializing in manufacture of the equipment for the gas industry. There were reports made by the representatives of the companies «Gazprom», «Gazprom dobycha Urengoy», «Gazprom dobycha Yamburg», «Gazprom avtomatizatsiya», «Gazprom VNIIGAZ», «Siemens», «Orgenergogaz» , Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas and other. The main topic of the reports was the analysis and study of the technologies that support the performance of wells, contributing to increase of oil and gas extraction. Special attention was paid to the application of the turbo-expander technology which makes it possible to transform the energy of gas differential pressure into useful power. The audience also showed interest in the report of «Gazprom dobycha shelf» about the prospects of gas export to China.

The report from «REP Holding» was made by the head of the compressors investigation and calculation division, Compressors Advanced Development Department of «Institute of Power Machine-Building & Electrotecnics» (the subsidiary enterprise of «REP Holding») Vladimir Yun. The report «Design, manufacture and testing of сompressor replaceable flow path 295ГЦ2-500/26-45М at the booster compressor station of the West Tarkosalinskу Gas Field» presented the main activities of «REP Holding», as well as the main stages and results of the project implementation.

Within the frames of this project it was for the first time that the «REP Holding» enterprises carried out development and production of the replaceable flow path with the magnetic bearing system for the booster compressor station, placing the manufactured replaceable flow path into the casing of the compressor installed earlier at the compressor station. The equipment was manufactured within the shortest time and was put into operation in December 2012.

The topic articulated in the report by Vladimir Yun proved to be particularly important for the gas producing companies where similar work is needed. The replaceable flow path with magnetic bearings produced by «REP Holding» ensures efficient operation of the compressor and is highly reliable.

After the conference the participants were given the opportunity to make suggestions for further development of the current issues related to reconstruction and technical re-equipment of the raw hydrocarbons production facilities. The proposal from «REP Holding» to conduct a technical meeting dedicated to the issues of the turbo-compressor equipment supply for raw hydrocarbons production was recorded in the Minutes of the Conference. Industry-specific events have been held not once on the Holding company production sites, and at present the necessary arrangements are well under way to hold the XVI International Scientific and Technical Conference on compressor engineering in summer of 2014.

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