12 February 2013

«REP Holding» will supply equipment for TNK-BP

In the period from November 2012 to February 2013 «REP Holding» won four tenders for the supply of equipment for one of the leading oil companies - TNK-BP.

The Holding company has received the order for the production and delivery of three sets of 35/6 kV substations with 10000 kVA transformers, packaged 1600/6/0.4 kV double-transformer substation for outdoor installation and complete equipment for 110/35/6 kV substations.

«REP Holding» is an accredited manufacturer and supplier of basic electrical equipment for 110, 35, 6 (10) and 0.4 kV, as well as of governing, control and automation systems for TNK-BP.

«REP Holding» has been producing equipment for TNK-BP since 2007, but until now the interaction was carried out through general contractors. The high level and quality of the projects implemented enabled the Holding to move to a new level of partnership and receive orders directly from the leading Russian oil company.

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