22 January 2013

«REP Holding» and GE establish joint venture

Foundation of a joint venture means the development of the strategic partnership within the frames of the License Agreement signed in March 2008 between «REP Holding» and GE Oil & Gas on localization of the MS5002E gas turbine production. Three contracts for packaging of a total of 58 gas turbines are in effect under the License Agreement.

By 2012, on the manufacturing site of «REP Holding» – «Nevskiy Zavod» - localized production of the licensed MS5002E gas turbine rated at 32 MW which is part of the new generation gas-pumping unit GPU-32 «Ladoga». GPU-32 «Ladoga» is designed to transport natural gas through gas – main pipelines. The delivery sites: compressor stations of gas-main pipelines «Bovanenkovo-Ukhta», «South Stream» and other reconstruction and new construction projects of Gazprom.

«Our agreement with GE underlines that it is important not only to apply high technologies of the new generation gas-pumping units, but also to improve the quality of service maintenance. This is the most important element in the strategic program for modernization of Russia's energy infrastructure», - commented Igor Starinkov, President of «REP Holding».

The main purpose of the joint venture establishment is to provide comprehensive technical maintenance of the growing fleet of GPU-32 units. Formation of a separate subdivision aimed to support gas transmission enterprises as regards spare parts, technical maintenance and repair, engineering support of the GPU-32 units operation, will make it possible to provide warranty and post-warranty service maintenance of GPU-32 at a high level.

Currently manufactured and shipped to the address of Gazprom to the compressor stations of the main gas pipeline «Bovanenkovo – Ukhta» and other compressor stations - 19 units manufactured in various phases of localization as part of the GPU-32 «Ladoga». GTU MS5002E produced by «REP Holding» have already been put into operation on 3 sites of «Gazprom» (CS «Vavozhskaya» and «Gryazovets», two of 4 station GPU-32 «Ladoga» units at CS-8 «Chikshinskaya»). Manufactured and mounted units for CS «Syninskaya», «Chikshinskaya», «Malooperanskaya», «Intinskaya». The engineering design work and production of a batch of units is conducted to continue the delivery to the second line of the gas pipeline «Bovanenkovo-Ukhta» and for reconstruction and new construction projects of Gazprom.

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