9 November 2012

The First GPU-32 «Ladoga» for CS «Syninskaya» of the «Bovanenkovo – Ukhta» Gas-Main Pipeline, 2nd Line, is Ready for Shipment

On November 8 - 9, 2012 on the production site of «REP Holding» performed successfully were the delivery – and - acceptance tests of the MS 5002E manufactured as per Phase 3 localization of the License Agreement between «REP Holding» and GE Oil&Gas, as well as preliminary tests of the 400-21-1С compressor. This equipment is part of the GPU-32 «Ladoga» and is intended for CS «Syninskaya» of the 2nd line of the gas-main pipeline «Bovanenkovo – Ukhta», «Gazprom».

vWithin the frames of the Phase 3 localization «REP Holding» has mastered production of 90% of the MS5002E component parts. All in all, for CS «Syninskaya» will be manufactured 3 units, while, as a whole, for the 2nd line of the «Bovanenkovo – Ukhta» gas-main pipeline is planned to supply 12 gas-pumping units «Ladoga-32».

The tests were held on the test bed of the «Nevskiy zavod» production site in the presence of the acceptance commission chaired by Vladimir Shirmaniov, Principal Designer of «Institute of Power Machine-Building & Electrotecnics» (the subsidiary enterprise of «REP Holding»), with representatives of «Yamalgazinvest», «Gazprom transgaz Ukhta», «GazpromVNIIGAAZ», chief executive offices and specialists of the responsible divisions of «REP Holding» as its members. The main goal of the tests was to verify the GTU mechanical and thermotechnical characteristics for compliance with the Technical Rеquirements. The tests were held in accordance with the program and procedure of the tests developed by «IPMB&E» subdivisions and agreed upon with «Gazprom», «GazpromVNIIGAAZ» and GE Oil&Gas Nuovo Pignone.

The tests performed showed the compliance of the equipment with the declared characteristics: efficiency and power, operational suitability of the unit, safety, operability of the internal systems. The Delivery – and -Acceptance Test Report that has been signed confirms the readiness of the equipment for shipment and further operation at CS «Syninskaya» as part of GPU-32 «Ladoga».

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