11 September 2012

The scientific and technical conference about the problems of gas turbines was held at «REP Holding»

On the 6th and 7th of September at the manufacturing site of «REP Holding», «Nevsky Zavod» «the 59th Scientific and Technical Session about the problems of gas turbines» was held. The conference was organized – by «REP Holding», the Russian Academy of Sciences, Commission for gas turbines RAS, Russian Thermal Engineering Institute («VTI»), the Association of gas turbine technology for power generation and industry.

The session about the gas turbines is dated from 1949 and is a key branch of scientific and technical activities, within these frames it considered the innovative developments in the gas industry, as well as scientific and technical problems of determining the optimal diagrams, parameters and materials for advanced gas turbine and gas-steam plants, the prospects of development of gas turbines in Russia. The session was attended by representatives of large manufacturing industrial and power enterprises, consumers and manufacturers of gas turbine equipment, employees of academic, university and sectoral research.

In this year the session was attended by 200 specialists of the branch from Russia and near-abroad countries, including representatives of Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University, Moscow Aviation Institute, «VTI», FSUE Central Institute of Aviation Motors, «Aviadvigatel», «Gazprom VNIIGAZ», «NPO Saturn» «Power Machines», «SevZap SEC», Krylov Shipbuilding Research Institute, «Gazprom Transgaz Moscow», «YUZHNIIGIPROGAZ», Krylov Shipbuilding Research Institute, FSUE «Baranov Central Institute of Aviation Motors», «Selenergoproekt», «TEPINZHENIRING», «Siemens gas turbines», «Frunze Sumy NPO», «NPO Iskra», «APBE», «Surgutneftegaz», «Gazpromneft NTC «, «Gazprom Transgaz Ukhta», «Gazprom transgaz Samara», «Gazprom Transgaz komplekt», «Saturn - Gas Turbine», «INTER RAO UES», plant «Klimov», «Orgenergogaz», «Gazprom centrremont», JSC «UEC», etc.

More than 40 reports from science-research institutes, universities, manufacturers and designers of gas turbines, including 3 of the report from «REP Holding» on the topics - «Gas Turbines» of «REP Holding» Modernization and innovation», «Application experience of the magnetic bearings on the branch of the turbo machinery», «GPU with gas turbine of regenerative cycle – the design, operation, modernization» were presented.

The reporters of the session highlighted the scientific and technical aspects of the manufacturing of gas turbines, in particular an analysis of the energy industry in Russia was prepared, identifying aspects, which are necessary for the development of this industry in our country. In the reports the presentations of gas turbines developers for the modernization of existing power facilities, processes and technologies were announced.

vThe participants of the IV Contest of young designers and researchers presented their own research and development at the conference. Young specialists in their reports reflected the modern technology of gas turbine designing on the base of CFD-analysis, which is a progressive trend in this branch. The Commission mentioned the quality and prospectivety of the young generation.

Each year the organization committee of the gas turbine session comprehensive approaches to the selection of the enterprises, on the base of which will host the next meeting, because it is not only a great responsibility, but also the recognition of the specialized community. The strategic tasks of the event are not only to discuss the current problems and issues, but also to evaluate the level and quality of domestic manufacturers.

For the participants of the session the excursion around the «Nevsky Zavod» was organized, during this excursion the guests got acquainted with the modern machine-building complex, processes and stages of gas turbines manufacturing on the site of «REP Holding». The Committee paid the attention to the positive experience of the developing by «REP Holding» the license gas turbines MS5002E with the following localization of the manufacturing in Russia. The positive effect of this process is obvious - it is a new practical experience, the impact to create their own developments and, of course, a positive influence on the forming of the ways and views of young designers and manufacturers. During the communication between specialists of the enterprise the committee concluded that «REP Holding» - without doubts, a complete and competitive manufacturer of complex equipment, with strong positions in Russian market.

The chairman of the gas turbines session, Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Sciences, Olhovskiy Gurgen mentioned the high level of «REP Holding» preparation for the 59th Scientific and Technical Session. After the end of the event, from the Russian Academy of Sciences to the «REP Holding» was sent a letter of thanks, where they express appreciation for organization of this major event.

«Session played the important role in promoting of gas turbine technology and content of reports and a demonstration of successfully developing modern manufacturing facilities with innovative manufacturing techniques of turbo compressor equipment manufacturing» - the letter says.

According to the results of the session the gas turbines Committee will be formed the expert recommendations to designers and manufacturers of gas turbine equipment for possible correction and the selection of optimal development directions.

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