2 August 2012

«REP Holding» signed up an order for new steam turbine

On the 30th of July «REP Holding» entered into a contract with «Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works» for steam turbine K22-90-2M supplying. The delivery time of the order is – the 1st half year of 2013.

The tender for this order was invited in May 2012. Between 4 participating companies, including foreign manufactures, «REP Holding» was obtained as the successful bidder and could prove the high quality level of the manufacturing products and the objectivity of the commercial proposal.

The turbine К22-90-2М I used for compressor driving, which supply the air to the blast furnace. There are several enterprises in Russia, which can manufacture the units of such type. The steam turbines by «REP Holding» show high reliability and service life, their life cycle is higher than among the competitors.

On the manufacturing sites of «REP Holding» the serial production of the steam turbines is performed, realized the full manufacturing cycle of the unit manufacturing – from the manufacturing of semifinished metallurgical products and machined up to the assembling, complex testing, mounting and service maintenance.

The completed unit should be tested on the specially designed testing bench on site «Nevsky Zavod» (subsidiary enterprise of «REP Holding»). On the custormer’s object «REP Holding» performs the supervision works for unit’s assembling, performs start-up and commissioning operations, and also the after-sales services and post warranty maintenance during all work period of the unit.

At the present time Holding has the manufacturing order for three steam turbines for «NLMK». The supply contract for units delivery was concluded in 2008, two turbines have been already manufactured and successfully brought into operation, the third unit is on the manufacturing stage now.

Nowadays the manufacturing of the modern steam turbines becomes more and more demanding. The units, which were installed at the metallurgical plant during the Soviet period, now outlive usefulness and should be changed. When the steam turbine is out of operation, it can cause the shut down of the manufacturing, that’s why the maintenance of the units in the operation condition is the important factor for uninterrupted operation of the metallurgical plants.

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