13 June 2012

«REP Holding» took part in the international symposium «Consumers and manufacturers of compressors and compressor equipment»

From the 6th to the 8th of June in the «Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic University», was the seventeenth symposium «Consumers and manufacturers of compressors and compressor equipment». This symposium is held since 1994 and has an international character, is the only scientific and technical conference in the Eastern hemisphere, the purposes are the interests and experience of consumer organizations of compressors. «REP Holding» was one of the organizers and partners of the event together with such companies as «Gazprom», NPO «Iskra», «Barrens», Siemens Energy, Mitsubishi heavy Industries, etc.

The main topics traditionally were the problems of compressor equipment operation, the questions about the modernization of the process, and also the new ideas and innovated works on the field of compressors manufacturing.

Within the frame of symposium, Vladimir Yun, the head of research department of compressor calculation of the compressor advanced development department of «Institute of Power Machine-Building & Electronics» (the subsidiary enterprise of «REP Holding»), presented a report on topic – «The operational experience of centrifugal compressors for various purposes of «REP Holding». In total, the participants of the symposium were presented 31 reports from Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Poland, USA, France and Japan. Practical and business-character of the meeting each year gets more and more coverage, attracts new specialists from different countries, develops the scientific base of the industry, improves the technology and implements new developments.

The 8th of June the final day of the conference was held the day of «Nevsky Zavod», one of the main manufacturing sites of «REP Holding».For the participants of the symposium the visit to the plant was organized in order to introduce the manufacturing facilities and activities of «REP Holding».The participants had the opportunity to visit the «Nevsky Zavod» – is a modern manufacturing facility, which includes the manufacturing of electrical equipment, the energy power products for mechanical engineering and metallurgy, where produced, tested and equipped the modern compressor equipment and advanced units for oil and gas and other industries.

The excursion began with a tour of the plant museum, then the participants visited the main manufacturing sectors of «Nevsky Zavod» - the turbo-compressor manufacturing, electric technical manufacturing, the production area of gas pumping units GPU32 «Ladoga», the assembly sector of electric drives and magnetic bearings. Also the meeting agenda included the introduction of modern testing facilities of the company, reconstructed metallurgical production and interplant laboratory metrology, testing and quality control of production. The specialists of Holding prepared the presentations of key projects on the field of compressors and power engineering, after the tour for the participants of the symposium.

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