24 May 2012

Head of research department of compressor calculation of «REP Holding» received his doctor's degree

On the 22d of May 2012 Vladimir Klimentievich Yun, the head of research department of compressor calculation of the compressor advanced development department of «Institute of Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering» (a subsidiary of «REP Holding»), he proofed his doctoral thesis on «The base of the design methods and unification development of centrifugal compressors for different purposes».

The thesis was presented to the Dissertation Council of the «Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic University» for the Doctor of Engineering Science with the specialization «Vacuum, compressor equipment and pneumatic systems».

The board of Studies composed of 17 members voted unanimously for the appropriation of V.K. Yun title «Doctor of Engineering Science».

This thesis is dedicated to improve the method of design of centrifugal compressors, the creation of the bank's optimal aerodynamic and structural patterns of centrifugal stages, which are necessary for designing of new modern centrifugal compressors, the development of universal thermodynamic diagrams for different gases and methods of unification of centrifugal compressors on the base of standardized cases, elements and components of the flow range.

Vladimir Yun oversees the development of advanced compressors for gas pumpimg units of new generation, which are now installed on the reconstructed and constructed gas pumping stations. The unique design works of Vladimir Klimentievich were implemented in the production of power equipment, successfully applied to the objects of the gas pipeline system in Russia.

The staff of «REP Holding» congratulates Vladimir Klimentievich on professional victory!

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