9 April 2012

Igor Starinkov was appointed to the position of President of «REP Holding»

Igor Starinkov was appointed to the position of the President of Russian power machine engineering enterprise «REP Holding».

«The trust, which was given to me by the shareholders, to come to the decision on my appointment - this is a great honor for me. It is also a great responsibility for the effective realization of the tasks, which are stated in front of «REP Holding», and which are primarily related to the further development of the company as a leading manufacturer of modern gas-pumping equipment, consolidation of a positions on Russian market of power machine engineering»,- commented the appointment Igor Starinkov.

Igor Starinkov was born on the 22d of November 1953 in Kyzyl, Tuva Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. In 1978 he graduated St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical Institute named for V.I. Ulyanov with a specialization in «Radioengineering» with the certification «Radio engineer». In 1979 in June he employed as the engineer in Research Studies Institute of fine mechanics.

During the period 1978 - 2004 Mr. Starinkov passed the different staged of professional growth from engineer to General Director in companies, which are manufactured, supplied and maintained the electro technical equipment. In 2004 he got the position of Vice-President in «Roselectroprom Holding». In «REP Holding» Mr. Starinkov has been working since the foundation of a company. In 2006 in October he was appointed to the position of First Vice-president of «REP Holding».

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