19 April 2012

The acceptance tests of equipment for CS «Sininskaya» were successfully completed

On the 16th and 17th of April 2012 on the facilities of «REP Holding» the manufacturing site «Nevskiy Zavod» the acceptance tests of gas turbine unit MS5002E and compressor for natural gas 400-21-1C were completed. This equipment is included onto the gas-pumping unit GPU-32 «Ladoga» and manufactured according the order of OAO «Gazprom» to supply in on the CS «Sininskaya» of main gas-pipeline «Bovanenkovo-Ukhta».

During the test different methods were used, these methods were developed by «Institute of Power Machine-Building & Electronics» (the subsidiary enterprise of «REP Holding») and were agreed with «Gazprom», «GAZPROM VNIIGAZ» and GE Oil&Gas Nuovo Pignone.

The progress of a test of GTU MS 5002E was monitored by the commission under the chairmanship of Vladimir Pazinich – Director of the Department «Machine building for «Gazprom» of «REP Holding». Commission was also included the representatives of «Gazprom Komplektatsiya», «Yamalgazinvest», OOO «Gazprom Transgaz Ukhta», the representatives from «REP Holding» – the general designer of «IPM&E» and Director of quality, ecology and professional safety department of «REP Holding».

The main aim of the testing was to check the working efficiency of the unit on the testing bench automatic control system conditions, the cooperation of the assembled items, the values of bearings vibration and temperature, the work of electronic safety switch when the normal frequency of rotor rotation is 6285 rpm. After the tests were completed, the boroscopic analyze was performed to prove that the cuttings and other mechanical damages were absent.

This gas turbine unit is the second unit, which was assembled on «REP Holding» premises and manufactured in accordance with the manufacturing phases of GTU MS 5002E within the frame of license agreement with General Electriс Oil&Gas Nuovo Pignone.

Vasili Spirin (General Director of «IPM&E») was the head of the commission for natural gas compressor Н- 400-21-1С testing. Commission was also included the managers of «Nevskiy Zavod», representatives of «Gazprom», «IPM&E», «GAzprom Komplektatsiya», «Yamalgazinvest», «Gazprom Transgaz Ukhta». The tests were performed in accordance with the «General routine program and methods for the preliminary testing for natural gas compressor (removable blading parts) on the manufacturing plant». The centrifugal compressor is absolutely in accordance with design documentation, safety requirements in the testing equipment conditions. All mechanical and gasodynamic characteristic are in accordance with the technical task requirements.

As the result of the performed tests, the members of a commission signed the acceptance test minutes, where the readiness of the equipment shipment and the further operation on CS «Sininskaya» in the set of GPU-32 «Ladoga» were proved.

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