5 March 2012

REP Holding Engineer is recognized as an Expert of the Year

On March, 2 a solemn ceremony of awarding the «Expert of the Year» prize was held. This prize was organized for the first time in this year by the «Expert North – West» journal.

Andrey Matveev, a 1st category engineer from the Electric Propulsion Ship Systems Department of the «Institute of Power Machine-Building and Electrotechnics» («REP Holding» subsidiary company) has become a finalist in the «Industry» category.

Andrey Matveev participated directly in launching production and delivery of the equipment for the electric-and-power system of the self-elevating floating drilling rig «Arkticheskaya», the automatic control system for the drilling rig equipment to develop oil and gas extraction in the offshore fields.

As Andrey Shamray, Director General of the «Expert North – West» journal, noted in his opening speech, the main feature of this award is that the «Expert of the Year» brings into the public domain common employees who were not at all media persons before. «Very often it is them who become authors of breakthrough and creative ideas which come true afterwards. It was very interesting for us to find such persons, to tell about them and to honor their professional achievements», Dmitry Glumskov, Editor-in-Chief of the journal, supported Director General.

Successful accomplishment of the most labor-consuming work related to pre-commissioning of the ACS connected with the equipment communication facilities has become possible owing to the efforts of CJSC «IEMET» specialist Andrey Matveev whose knowledge and high qualification, an ability to consolidate the staff and to establish cooperation with the customer have made it possible to cope with many difficulties that arise inevitably when implementing such a sophisticated technical project.

For successful delivery of the self-elevating floating drilling rig one had to work in the severe northern conditions, sometimes 10-15 hours per day. It was only in 2011 that Andrey Matveev spent more than 5 months on site. Andrey has initiated quite a few new technical solutions for the ACS of the equipment which will make it possible to use the equipment in a more reliable and safe manner.

We congratulate Andrey Matveev on his getting into the final of the «Expert of the Year» prize award.

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