19 March 2012

«REP Holding» worthily came back to the compressors and oil-dissolved gas disposal market

Two compressor units К-320-131-1 the manufacture CJSC «REP Holding» were successfully put in operation on Nord-Danilovskoe field territory manufacturing enterprise «Uraineftegas» «Lokoil» - Western Siberia.

These compressors are intended for flash gas compression, which was supplied from the oil wells and its transportation to the natural gas processing plant Nyagan city. The productivity of each compressor is 1 million nm3 of the oilwell gas per twenty-four hours with the output pressure near 3.0 Mpa.

As the result of the commissioning of the compressors the flame body was fully doused, for which all the oilwell gas from the field was discharged.

Assembling and commissioning operations were performed in heavy North conditions by field-service engineers specialists of CJSC «IEMET» («REP Holding» subsidiary company) on the branch of compressor construction and automatic control systems. The period of the works was 3 months.

The customer was satisfied with high quality of the equipment, produced by «REP Holding» and the high efficiency work of specialists.

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