4 August 2011

Modern electrically driven gas-pumping units of «REP Holding» for gas pipeline system of Ukraine

In the beginning of August the protocol of intentions was signed between CJSC REP Holding and AC «Ukrtransgaz» on supplying completely «dry» electrically driven gas-pumping units with frequency regulation for Ukrainian gas pipeline system.

The signing was preceded by negotiation within the framework of international exhibition «Neftegaz 2011» and following visit to REP Holding» enterprise by AC «Ukrtransgaz» management.

Within the framework of formal visit of AC «Ukrtransgaz» delegation consisting of Deputy Director on Capital Construction, Material and Technical supply Vasily Krupka, Director of Gas Transmission Enterprise «Kievtransgaz» of AC «Ukrtransgaz» Vladimir Rudko and First Deputy Director, Supervising Engineer of branch office of Manufacturing Repair and Technical enterprise «Ukrgazenergoservice» of AC «Ukrtransgaz» Vladimir Solyanik visited the main manufacturing areas of the Holding. As a part of «REP Holding» the following representatives were present – President of «REP Holding» Gennady Lokotkov, Vice-president on Manufacture – General Director of CJSC «Nevsky Zavod» Gennady Maksimenko, «REP Holding President Advisor Boris Shaidak, Director of Division on Advanced Development of Electrotechnical Equipment and ACS of CLSC «IEMET» Dmitry Mordovchenko, Director of Department «Export and Metallurgy» Alexey Mazakin and official representative of REP Holding in Ukraine, Technical Director ME «Techenergo» Alexandr Korchik.

The delegation was familiarized with manufacturing capacities of «Nevsky Zavod», where the modern gas-pumping units, compressor equipment and electrotechnical equipment are manufactured; the guests also visited the new complex intended for manufacturing magnetic bearings for «dry» units.

Along with «Nevsky Zavod» the guests visited one of the Holding enterprise «K-Energo», where boiler and welding production is located, and production area of joint venture «Siemens-Electricdrive» (CJSC «REP Holding» – «Siemens»), where high speed innovative electric motors and converter for regulated drive are produced.

Within the framework of the visit there was a meeting concerning supply of gas-pumping units of «REP Holding» manufacture for AC «Ukrtransgaz» company needs. The main topic of the meeting was supply of electrically driven gas-pumping units with application of dry gas-dynamic sealing, magnetic bearings and frequency regulation of electric motors with capacity of 12,5 MW, also the issue of localization of capital renovation and modernization of GTK-10 type gas-turbine units on the place of their constant operation was discussed.

According to the results of the meeting the parties came to agreement on that point, that «REP Holding» having experience in supplying of similar products for OJSC «Gazprom» has all necessary sources for manufacturing, supply, installation supervision and service maintenance of electrically driven and gas-turbine gas-pumping units for AC «Ukrtransgaz» company needs.

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