27 May 2011

«REP Holding» - the winner of the competition for the best innovative project on the ship building branch within the frame of the International Forum «Marine Industry of Russia»

From 18th to 21st of May in Moscow in the exhibition complex «Gostiny Dvor» the international forum «Marine Industry of Russia» was held. The forum was organized by Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, Ministry of Transport of Russia, Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, the Marine Board of the Government of the Russia, Federal Agency for Fishery, JSC «United Shipbuilding Corporation», JSC «United Industry Corporation», State Company «Rostechnology», State Company «Rosatom», OJSC «GAZPROM», «Rosneft», «Lukoil», OJSC «RZD» and etc.

The forum was dedicated to the development of shipbuilding, port modernization, improvement of navigation, the creation of modern marine engineering for the civil purposes, the integration of advanced technologies in the shipbuilding industry.

The exhibition, which was held within the frame of the Forum, the bench of CJSC «REP Holding» was presented, devoted to the shipbuilding industry. Ensure participation in the forum and the work of bench the employees of CJSC «SPC «Shipping electric propulsion» and management of advanced systems of electric propulsion of CJSC «IPM&I» (Institute of power machine-building and electronics). The materials, which were presented on the bench, generated the great interest among the visitors and specialists.

During the forum, the results of the competition «The best technical solution in the shipbuilding and marine engineering benches for civil purposes» was summed up. Of the applications submitted to the competition a special commission has chosen the development, contributing to the development of Russian shipbuilding and navigation, providing more effective and efficient operation of ship systems. The enterprises, which have achieved outstanding success in the development, were awarded by commemorative medals and diploma.

On the 20th of May, 2011 within the frame of business program of the International Forum of «Marine Industry of Russia» the award ceremony for winners of industrial competition was held. In the category «Design and engineering on the shipbuilding branch» CJSC «REP Holding» has won and awarded with the gold medal for the development of frequency controlled electric ship's lateral thrusting propeller of new generation. This development within the frame of innovative work of the Holding Company perform the department of advanced management of ship systems of electric propulsion of CJSC «IPM&I».

At the Forum was organized an open dialogue between industry representatives, government and management bodies, representatives of financial institutions and businesses the work of round tables. Among the issues, which were discussed - government support for shipbuilding, and encourage innovative projects, help with the reconstruction and modernization of enterprises.

During the work of the round table «Readiness of domestic shipbuilding industry to upgrade and modernize the Russian fishing fleet», the Director General of CJSC «SPC «Shipping electric propulsion» Andrey Grigoriev presented the report on the topic: «Prospects for application of uniform electric plants with systems electric propulsion systems for fishing, seismic and geophysical research ship». In the report, it was noted that in Russia in the near future the construction of a large number of research ship for various purposes, on the shipping electric propulsion will be used. The report aroused a great interest among the representatives of the shipyards and marine design companies.

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